6 Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow

Making the perfect travel plans can be a hard task. That’s where travel bloggers come in handy! Following a travel blog will help you select the top travel destination and travel accessories for you! In this article, we detail the ULTIMATE 6 travel bloggers! These guys will set you up and give you tips to help you plan your best adventure yet! The bloggers have been travelling the world for some time (so they know their stuff), and they are ready to inspire new and existing travellers. So let’s jump straight into it with our top travel bloggers!

1) Mrs O Around the World is a great blog celebrating 4 years since it’s founding. Ana Silva O’Reilly (know as Mrs O) is the face behind the blog. She shares with us the best places to visit, eat, drink, shop and so much more! She’s better than a guide book! Mrs O is always honest about her experiences and her speciality is luxury travel! (ooh la la fancy!) In keeping with this she prides herself on adhering to her mums’ motto “if she leaves home, it has to be better”. That is right even travel bloggers still listen to the advice of their mums!

2)A Luxury Travel Blog written by Dr Paul Johnson is said to be “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph. It has also won a ‘Best Travel Award’. Having been in the travel industry for over a whopping 25 years, his tips and tricks have earned him the title of ‘Best Travel Influencer’ in the Innovation in Travel Awards. So there you go, if you want award winning travel advice head on over and follow ‘A Luxury Travel Blog.’

3) Solo Traveller is more of a community rather than a blog! Inspired by Janice Waugh’s adventure into solo travel in 2009, this blog allows people to exchange tips, suggestions and encouragement. Posts are a combination of Janice Waugh’s own experiences and materials contributed by fellow readers. This travel blog community really has it all!

4)Travels of Adam is a truly unique blog experience. Adam Groffman shares personal stories from around the world. He also has a popular series called Hipster City Guides! (cool right?). His work covers a vast spectrum of differing cultures and interests. The blog sorts topics thematically, covering film festivals, art museums, LGBT culture and many other categories.

5) Be My Travel Muse is the title of an intriguing travel blog with some intriguing content! Kristin Addis is the adventurous solo female traveller behind the blog. Kristin was previously an investment banker who sold all her belongings! It seems crazy, but it allowed her to follow her own unique adventure. ‘Be My Travel Muse’ encourages readers to follow their own individual and authentic travel path too.

6) LandLopers is the final blog we will mention today. Matt Long has been to over 70 different countries! And all 7 continents! That’s travel insanity for you at it’s best! Matt describes luxury travel in a different way. He defines the term ‘luxury’ by the observational greatness of an experience rather than expensive tastes. His blog truly reflects his own enjoyment and love of travel.


We hope you guys have found this article fun and informative. If any of these blogs sparked your interest, go follow them and have the best adventures possible! Happy travelling!