The NEW Lipstick with Real Flowers inside. It changes colour dependent on your mood…


Yes guys, this is a real thing! And yes it sounds so cool!


The clear lipstick contains specks of gold flakes, and right in the center, is a tiny flower.
The glossy finish in the golden tube looks like a clear gel with a flower inside, but really it’s a whole lot of color. Once applied to your lips, the color changes with your body temperature to create your perfect pink finish.
There are different styles in this jelly lipstick collection, including plain ones with pink tints, ones that smell like lavender and lipsticks that provide extra moisture on the lips.



Here are some of the lipsticks reviews.

“This is my second order. I bought these for my amusement, until my little sister stole it, lol. But I’m happy she did so that I can buy another one, lol. The package just arrived this morning. To be honest, the color doesn’t change too much but i don’t care because it is so pretty and what I love about them is how moisturizing they are. Also, I like the colour on my lips so much XOXO”

“satisfy with the product, smells good and sooo pretty.. although the shipment quite long but its ok. tips: buy 2, 1 for use and 1 for collection <3”

Do you want one?

Flower Lipstick – Magic Color Temperature Change

-Here is the link!

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