What is My Wellness? And How Can I Improve It?

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Wellness is used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body, and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.

This basically means looking after yourself and making yourself feel good guys!


If Wellness Is A Balance, What Areas Of My Life Do I Need To Balance To Stay Well?

There are 6 areas called dimensions in the professional world of wellness.

The six dimensions of wellness are: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and social.


Physical Wellness: Maintaining a healthy body through regular exercise, proper nutrition, sleeping well and avoiding harmful habits. Maintaining a consistent well-rounded exercise program is crucial to physical wellness.

Maintaining a consistent well-rounded habit of exercise is crucial to physical wellness.

Emotional Wellness: Being in touch with your emotional thoughts and being aware and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings.

Emotional wellness relies on being able to express your thoughts and sensations and to be able to listen to and understand those of others.

Spiritual Wellness: Having a sense that life is meaningful and often that we are guided in our journey. Spiritual wellness is about embracing the

Spiritual wellness is about embracing and reaching beyond the physical realm of existence and experiences.

Intellectual Wellness: Being able to engage in interaction with the world around you. The intellect is about actively using your mind and opening the mind.

Your intellectual being is about continued learning, problem-solving, processing, and creativity.

Environmental Wellness: Surrounding yourself with a healthy work and living environment free of hazards. Environmental wellness is about respecting nature and your surroundings and in gaining personal fulfillment from our surroundings.

Environmental wellness is about respecting nature and your surroundings and in gaining personal fulfillment from our surroundings.

Social Wellness: Social wellness is about relating, interacting and communicating well with others. Social wellness is also about being comfortable in your own skin to be able to contribute and engage in a healthy living environment. Including people in all aspects of our lives is important to social wellness.

Including different types of people and personalities in all aspects of our lives is important to social wellness.

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What Are The Signs I Am Not Balancing My Own Areas Of Wellness?

We all struggle with this at some if not most of the points in our life. Don’t worry.But the more you focus on getting a balance the better your life and your mind will feel.

Often people who experience stress or mental illness find that their balance is not very balanced at all. Perhaps they are struggling with their social, emotional or environmental wellness.

We all carry our own burdens, struggles, and problems in life. Often they are small everyday stressors. Often these are not enough to tip our balance off dramatically. However too many or a build up of everyday stressors or big life events can dramatically tip off our balance. For example, during divorce partners will experience an emotional and most likely social imbalance.

Isolation can also be a sign that we are not getting a good social balance.

Physical Illness can be a cause OR a sign of poor physical wellness.

Being out of work or education effects people differently. But assessing how this impacts up your environmental and intellectual wellness could help you identify and imbalance.




Now I Have Identified My Imbalances And Areas To Work On, How Can I Work On An Improve Them?

Let’s get our boxing gloves on guys, because we are going to tackle these issues! You can make your life better, your mind happier, and your balance well…. balanced!


Here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Plan Your Day Make time and schedule in some aspects to cover one or more of the areas you feel you are lacking in.qqq.jpg

  2. Do A Checklist To Make Your Lay Groundwork People often try to attack their goals straight away but become so focused on the goal they forget to look after yourself. Do a daily checklist of things to do to keep you well while you tackle the bigger things in your life. I like to do one for when I wake up and one for before I go to bed. This includes things like brushing my teeth, having a wash, setting my alarm, eating something healthy and nourishing e.t.c. I Blu Tack my list to the inside of my closet door… so no one needs to see it except me!

    Example from sheisrecovering.tumblr.com

  3. Get In Some Relaxation Time You can’t be working all the time and not give yourself a break. I find it really hard just to have a quite still mind. I find watching a program I really like for half an hour really distracts my mind. Then I can return or start a new task with a fresh outlook. I also love to do guided meditations. Headspace by Andy Pudicombe is a great app. You get 10 free 10-minute mediations. These are enough to fit into your day. They are also non-religious. There is no obligation to purchase a subscription as these 10 are absolutely free and will remain so. These two things help my mind to stop thinking at the speed of light but still engaged on a lower more relaxed level – because I suck at just doing nothing! 😉headspace-app-350x200-1.gif

  4. Visit Your Doctor Regularly – Keep your physical and mental health in check guys! Doctors will be able to advise you, refer you to the right people if you need help and if you need if prescribe medication for you. Never be ashamed to get yourself the help you feel you need. Everyone has problems. And you probably aren’t ever going to know about anyone else’s issues.Why? Because if you or others don’t want people to know they don’t have to tell anyone and doctors have this great little thing called confidentiality! Don’t be put off getting help because you feel like no one else has those issues. I bet that you know many people with similar problems that you just don’t know about.qqqqqqqq.jpg

  5. If You Hate Your Environment Make A Change – If you hate going to work, then that isn’t good for you. If you walk into your bedroom and it’s so messy is stresses you out…. that is not good for you! Sure changing your workplace isn’t as easy as deciding to have a 1o minute tidy up, but you need to weigh up the pros of staying in a place that makes you feel like C*** and the damage it is doing to your wellness to stay there. Big decisions are hard, but no decision is worse that a big one. I HATE big decision, with a capital H. I always worry that I could be making the wrong choice. However, my mum always tells me a decision might not be a nice decision to make but you can make it a positive decision for you.qqqqqqq


myAvatar 1Hopefully, you found some of this post useful. If you have any comments or suggestions don’t forget to leave them below!

Don’t forget to give yourself some love!!!