How To Keep Yourself Positive In Negative Situations

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Get Positive People Around You

It’s important to have a positive support group to help each other through difficult times. Notice I said a “positive” support group. Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you stay positive when in a negative situation. There are plenty of negative people out there—avoid them! Their negative attitudes will only bring you down. Choose people that will bring you up and you, them.

Ideas On How To Do This

  • Join a local support group for people who have similar things going on in their life.
  • Cultivate good relationships with people and gradually cut ties with those negatively influencing your life.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people you trust
  • Find a local charity or organisation that offers support or counselling
  • Ask your doctor to refer you to someone who can help you. – Professionals tend to be positive because they are not emotionally caught up in situations that you and your friends/family might be. They can be impartial and offer insight and advice.


Express Gratitude

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to increase happiness. In times of trouble, it can also provide you with a bit of positivity to give to others. Gratitude cultivates positivity so give it a go. It’s a bit of an emotional stepping stone to positivity is you like!

Ideas On How To Do This:

  • Each night, in a journal, write down 3 things in your day that you were grateful for. It doesn’t have to be positive, but you must have 3! I also find these really handy to look over at a later date. Looking back over all the good things that I have come across really gives me a bit of a positivity boost.
  • Try to express your gratitude to someone at least once a day.This will help you recognise the little things people are doing for you, that are helping you, and showing that they care for you.
  • Do a Facebook status challenge. If you need a bit of motivation to do this. Consider posting each day for a week on facebook the 3 things you are grateful for today. Comments likes and support all act as motivation and drive to continue our gratitude diary in this day and age. Woooo go facebook! Some good press fo you!


Change The Way You Think About Yourself

Are you a person who continually beats yourself up mentally? Do you constantly question your actions? Believe me, I’ve been there. You are probably the one doing the most harm to yourself. Positive self-talk takes some time to build up and take effect but is so powerful in the long term. What you tell yourself forms your outlook on life. If you always telling yourself your bad, of course, you are going to feel more negative.

Ideas On How To Do This:

  • Write up some positive affirmations and stick them in places you will easily see them every day. For example, if every time you look in the mirror you tell yourself you look fat, stick a positive body image affirmation in the corner of the mirror! Gradually it will stick! You can find some great generic ones online. You may way to find one, and then tailor it to you yourself. It needs to have a sense of believability to your brain, therefore, tailoring it is a good idea. Gradually work up the positivity scale as your brain starts to think you are better and better and better!!!
  • Listen to a positive meditation once a day. Get into this habit if it is your chosen one! Just 10 minutes a day is enough. Often you can get your 10 minutes daily relaxation and positivity in one if you select a good one from youtube.
  • Do some exercise. We all feel better about ourselves after exercise. The sense of achievement and rush of positive hormones in your body is a great combination for positivity to grown amongst. Exercise can be tailored to your own impact and ability level, but always aim to slightly push your ‘comfort’ boundary. Challenge yourself a little bit! 20 minutes is great, but as Tesco says every little helps! I have found that having a dog makes me get out and get my exercise in.


Have trust in yourself that you will be ok

We are SO good at worrying about things. And even worrying about worrying. However, has this ever done us any good? I went to a group for people suffering from OCD. People with OCD worry excessively about small details. The instructor turned round and said to us “what is the worst that can happen? If you forget to wipe down a surface, what is going to happen? What is the likely hood that your food will become contaminated and you get ill? And if this does happen, you assure you that you WILL find a way to cope. ” 

This really made sense to me. Yes, I might make some bad decisions, or something might go wrong. The situation might not go the way I want it to. But whatever happens, I will find a way to cope. All I can do right now is make the best decisions and choices I can with the evidence given to me at this time. The rest will fall into place, positive or negative, it is out of my hands. I can not control the world, and ultimately the world cannot control me. Worrying about the issue will not change the outcome! It will just stress me out and make me anxious. This is one of the biggest lessons I have had to and am still learning today. Make your informed choices, do your best with what you have, and then let the outcome go. It will give you such a sense of freedom!