Some Of The Best Things About Being A Woman…Small Pleasures To Embrace

Here I have put together a collective list from many sites that try to capture some of the best things about being a woman. They are in no particular order. Comment your best things!


  1. The sleepovers you used to have with all your girlfriends where you would eat junk food, read girly magazines, and watch scary movies. (As well as the realization that you can now have the same exact sleepovers, except this time with alcohol!)
  2. Giving yourself an orgasm and realizing, hey, I can do this as many times as I want!
  3. Being able to conceive, carry, and give birth to — or adopt and mother as your own — another human life. Whether or not it’s your personal choice to do so it’s still pretty incredible to think about.
  4. Having boobs, and being about to buy pretty bras!
  5. The relative freedom you have in terms of what you wear to the office. You’re not limited to the same boring suit.
  6. Putting on a facial mask and being able to have a pamper sessions with your girls.
  7. Being able to get close to people and have meaningful conversations without the risk having someone telling you your gay. Sorry guys 😦 I feel for you.
  8. Having a little sister to pass all your wisdom and beauty/life hacks and advice onto
  9. Having a Shopping spree when you have money!
  10. Being able to paint your nails super duper cute colours
  11. Cuddles with your guy if you have one. See guys you still play lovely a part in our world.
  12. Girly and personal chats you have with your friends. I love mine, they are the fricking bomb!women2.jpg