What Is The Headspace Meditation App? And How Can It Help ME?


What Is The Apps Aim?

  • To teach the world to meditate, so that everyone can live a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life
  • To get people sitting to meditate for a few minutes a day, every day
  • To make meditating part of people’s normal daily routine

What Is Good About The App?

  • Small 10 minute Meditations fit into daily life
  • SOS 3 minute meditation for quick calming in panicky situations
  • Helps you to be more mindful of your surroundings, body, and feelings
  • Approaches meditation from a beginners angle – starts by introducing basics and then gradually teaches you more aspects to build in.
  • Non-religious, therefore, being applicable and usable for all
  • Animations used as part of the program to explain anything more complex
  • An accessible blog to discuss exterior issues less focused on in the meditation
  • Calms anxiety well if you commit to a daily 10 minutes for several days

User Reviews

The Good Ones:

  • “Beautiful, a simple app where the calm, clear form mirrors the exceptional content. Unreservedly recommending Andy’s terrific sessions and program to friends who all love it. It has such a positive impact. The free 10 day X 10-minute opening program gives you the perfect sample to see if you like it. I’ve found it effective and inspiring.”
  • “As a concept, this is great. Mindfulness/meditation for the masses…on tap, via an app. I’ve brought many similar things, but this man knows his stuff. If you follow what he says, slowly, and wonderfully, the results are magic.”
  • “I am always wound up about something these days and my sister recommended Headspace. I downloaded it and took out time to sit quietly and follow instructions. It really helped me settle my mind and body. Best thing I ever downloaded… Thank you”
  • “Recommended to me by my doctor, so that in itself is high recommendation. You have to give it time, but there is no question that even after just a few days at ten minutes a day it helps if you will let it.”
  • “I haven’t been pushed to pay for anything & I’ve been able to download the 10 sessions available for later use. I’m at day 5 and so far this technique has been much easier and more comfortable to follow than a course I paid £60 for & can’t get a refund when I didn’t get further than the first week. Looking at the website, if you do decide to subscribe later, you can choose one of four tariffs and cancel when you feel like it – seems fair to me.”
  • “The sessions are easy to fit into any day and now when I feel a little strained I can just concentrate quietly for a few seconds and then feel calm enough to get back to work. Generally, I do feel calmer and more at peace, I am beginning to see my life as a whole and with a more objective view-point. I would be very surprised if I didn’t sign up for more sessions when the freebie is over.”


The Not So Great:

  • “Trial is excellent but it gets expensive after that” – Use the trial to work out what the app is worth to you guys before you commit to a purchase. I have found it great, but people differ in their own needs. So evaluate it’s worth to you after the trial and see if you enjoyed it, found it useful and want to continue.
  • ” Can’t get this to work.” – I have had some issues myself but the customer services team were really good and refunded me the money I spent when the platform wasn’t working. I have not had any issues recently, though!

What Does The Free Section Include?

  • 10 x 10-minute meditations
  • A 10-day program of meditations and explainer animation videos on top to keep you motivated
  • Desktop and App access
  • Download on wifi/data and listen on the go
  • Progress stats
  • Motivational emails to inspire you to keep going with the app and meditation. (People like this but it is also an opportunity for them to try and upgrade you so be aware)
  • Buddy feature – Compare your meditation stats to your friend. Maybe even start together and commit to both doing it if you need some motivation.

What Does The Paid Section Include?

  • All free features
  • 3 Meditation foundation courses one after the other that build on the series previous (Must complete progressing to the collections..)
  • Collections of meditation for different issues you might experience – useful!!!! 🙂


Things To Remember When Using The App:

  • There is no pressure to buy the subscriptions – Use the free Take 10  series to help you decided if you do want to subscribe
  • You have to commit to 10 munites a day and focus on the activity to get the effect. You can take 10 minutes out of your day for yourself! And it will be SO worth it! It is hard at first to focus for 10 minutes. However, I found over 5 days of doing it each day it starts to pass really quickly.
  • It is a method of relaxation and being kind to yourself. You need time like that. If not this app, find some form of relaxation that does work for you. You need a break to refresh yourself each day, even if it is only 10 minutes.


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