Why Your Insecurities May Be As Simple as Perspective

After struggling with self-esteem issues, Abbe Dembowitz came up with an idea to turn negative thoughts into positive affirmations through simple, inspiring photographs.


The Turn It Around Project is to provide a simplistic approach to a complicated problem: turn it around. In providing positive affirmations for negative thoughts through photographic expression, individuals will be able to gain a newfound sense of self. It is our objective to create awareness, establish community and garner positivity for the best and worst in us all.


Beautiful and encouraging photographs. Even if you can’t stop that first negative thought that pops into your head, you can change the second and third.




Meghan often finds herself worrying about outcomes entirely out of her control. She’s turned it around by learning to let go of what is simply out of her hands.


insecurity in relationships


Mike, a rising star in the marketing industry, brings his all to school, work, and friendships. With all of his responsibilities, he often feels the pressure of disappointing others. Rather than using this to cripple him, Mike uses the fear as fuel to motivate him to become better than he was yesterday.


self esteem issues


Gabby often feels taken advantage of by those around her, but today and every day she tries her best to stand up.

how to not be insecure

Iryna does her best to not let her fear of disappointing others get in her way. She turns it around by doing her best in all that she does, knowing that that will always be good enough.

why am i so insecure

Jessica fears that she will not be perfect in all that she does. However, this fear does not stop her from reaching her goals on a day-to-day basis, turning it around to know she is capable of anything.

overcoming insecurity

Turn It Around Committee Member Demi struggles with a fear of failure — how does she turn it around? By never giving up.

feeling insecure

Blonde, beautiful, and bright, Paris has a big future ahead of her. It can be difficult, however, to not get lost in the worry of fitting in, especially in a place like New York City. She turns the worry and fear around by surrounding herself with people she loves and that love and support her in return.