A Great Morning Routine

My morning start early! My alarm goes off at 5:55am every morning! I have two dogs and my other half goes to work before I even wake up so it is my job to walk the dogs every morning wether its rain or shine! As soon as I wake up I reach to my bedside table and sprits my face with the Body shop Vitamin E spray. I find this really refreshing and it just helps me get out of bed so early and ready to go straight out.

As it is now lighter in the mornings (which makes me VERY happy) I am able to take my dogs to the park which is 2 minutes away from my house. This is so handy and the dogs love it as they are able to get off the lead and go for a run with me. I usually try do 2-3 laps around the end of the park I am at depending on the time and the weather.

Once I get home, which is usually about 6:30 – 6:45am I will go straight to my blender and make myself a smoothy. This usually contains raspberry, banana, apple or mango. I then mix this with water until it is a smooth consistency. I find that having a smoothy in the morning makes me feel more awake and refreshed ready. By kicking off the day so healthy I feel it makes me want to stick to it throughout the day therefore resulting in a healthy day all round.

I then will finally be able to sit down and catch up on my emails or social media whilst drinking my smoothy. Once it’s all gone I can then go and have a shower, do my make up and leave for work all by half 7.

Some of you might say that I take a long time to get ready but I hate feeling rushed and being late hence why I do get up so early. So there you go! There is a quick run through of my morning routine! Is your  morning anything like mine?

I love hearing your thoughts so leave your comments below.

My morning routine – http://wp.me/p6t615-SE