9 Great Tips To Feel better On Your Period

1) Start your ibuprofen administration the day before! STOP PAIN IN IT’S TRACKS AND BEAT THE WORST 2 DAYS

2) Use a period tracking app to know when it is going to pop up and prepare for it! I use Eve.

‘Eve predicts your next period and your chances of pregnancy. Track your moods and symptoms to discover trends in your cycles. Take daily sex quizzes to become a sexpert. Own your cycle and feel good in bed. Get it, girl.’ – The app store description


3) Utilise contraceptive pills for their other uses

oral contraceptives with low or moderate doses of estrogen can: ease the pain from PMS. Plus, birth control can make your period shorter, your flow lighter, and your hormonal swings less severe.

Ease the pain from PMS.

Make your period shorter

Make your flow your lighter

Make your hormonal swings less severe.

4) Distract yourself to put a stop to cravings!

In a recent study of those in their period, people who played the game Tetris reported fewer and less intense cravings afterward. Researchers think it has to do with imagery being involved in our desire to eat an entire cheesecake. Interrupting that imagery with a visually based task (like playing on your phone) therefore, distracts you long enough to forget the cake!!!

download (8).jpg

5)Wash your face more often than normal

Lots of people find their skin gets more oily during their period. This can lead to skin congestion, then acne, then stress and feeling awful!

Wash your face more often and exfoliate as well.

6) Have some sexy time!

Sex releases endorphins to make you feel better. It also distracts your brain from mulling over how crap you feel whilst on your period. After all, your brain is flooded with other hormones during sex 😉 Obviously, if you have a partner, check they’re ok with it first!

7) Have some kind of exercise

Exercising will make you feel better. It will get you up out and doing something, rather than sitting at home feeling awful. Get out there girl. It’s hard but you will feel better.

8) Try an abdominal massage + relaxing scented oils!

Sounds weird, but it loosens your abdominal muscles and lessens the cramps.

Experts recommend an oil combination: two drops of lavender, one drop of clary sage, and one drop of rose in one teaspoon of almond oil

That’s a bit complicated though. If you want to just try an oil labeled ‘relaxing’! Lavender is also always a good way to go if you are unsure.

9) Mindset

Just remember that you are totally capable of having a good day even though you are on your period. You are taking steps to manage your symptoms and make you feel better. Tell yourself that and you will feel better.


I hope you found this blog useful. Don’t forget to let me know what you think below.