Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Step 1

Decide on the lights you want to use on your tree. Start by draping your lights in a spiral, working from the VERY top of the tree to the bottom. Make sure you push the lights into the foliage to hide wires and create depth. Depending on how big the tree is, you may need two or three packs of 100 lights. Plenty of twinkling fairy lights is one of the secrets to a spectacular Christmas tree.

Light Colour TipsChristmasLights_800.jpg

  • If your theme is traditional, white lights will give you a classic and inviting look.
  • multicoloured lights work really well with more contemporary and modern themes.



Step 2

Next, add ribbons, garlands, bells or string beads. Mix and match different sizes and textures to add interest and help the tree look full.


Step 3

Add your ornaments and baubles to the tree.

Positioning Tips

  • It’s worth investing in a few packs of generic,  baubles to help fill out the tree and create a luxurious, full look.
  • You can then add your favourite ornaments in prominent places on the tree to stand out.

Step 4

Finish off your tree with clip on decorations such as birds, foliage or icicles, and your tree topper of choice.

Image result for clip on christmas tree decorations

Your tree should now look beautifully decorated. Grab yourself a nice warm drink and enjoy your artwork!


If you have any personal tips and tricks let me know below 🙂