My Minimalistic New Years Resolution – An Overview

I have been looking into minimalism for a while now. Many YouTubers have decided to take on a minimalist life style. I know that my mental health conditions, and even just my daily state of mind can really be affected by the state of my environment. I also have OCD tendencies and a messy bedroom really annoys me and stresses me out. I get overwhelmed quite easily and I am hopeful that a minimalist lifestyle might help me!

So that’s my own motivation. My inspiration came from a mixture of Youtube video’s including ones from Sugar Mamma. But the convincing ‘tipping point’ for my new year venture was a video by Rachel Aust . In this video she launches her 30 day minimalism challenge! And that is the one I am going to try to follow!


The Video


The Challenge

The challenge is a simply laid out list of 30 small bite-sized challenges to do over the course of days. I think it makes a great new years resolution challenge. Or as I prefer the term ‘new year’s lifestyle and happiness goal’

30-day-minimalism-challenge(FREE PDF -FROM RACHEL AUST)

So What Is Minimalism?

I always thought minimalism was art, a very empty or basic home or perhaps just living with no luxuries. However, as you can tell from the video above the definition, or at least the modern definition is very different. The minimalist life style is based on enjoying a fuller life, by having less chaos, distractions and stresses in your life – Not just throwing everything out! The idea is to keep things you need and that make you feel good, but discard everything else. Rachel Aust reminds us that things that we love and make us feel good, are different to sentimental objects that just clutter up our homes. The main elements are defined in the picture below.

Image result for minimalist lifestyle definition

My Plan

My plan is to try  and share an update with you guys every 3 days. I’ll let you know what challenges I did, if it made me feel any different, things I’ve learnt, new resources I’ve found that have helped me along my way and perhaps a few sneaky pics!