The Top 50 in full:

Exercise more

Eat better

Cut down on alcohol

Stop smoking

Spend less time on Facebook / Twitter

Learn a new language

Learn a musical instrument

Spend less money

Secure dream job

Average eight hours of sleep a night

Improve qualifications

Spend more time with kids

Get a toned body like Beyonce

Have cosmetic surgery

Get a pet

More bike rides

Watch more news & documentaries

Dump partner (and find better one)

Improve cooking skills

Do more for charity

Get a promotion at work

Stop watching trashy reality TV

Have more sex

See more of friends

Sponsor a child in Africa

Eat less chocolate

Drink less coffee

Improve personal hygiene

Drink more water

More live music / entertainment

Learn to bake a cake like Mary Berry

More outdoor activities

Take up a new sport

Learn to knit

Swear less

Introduce a date night once a fortnight with the other half

Have a baby

Take up a new sport

Go to church more often

Take the stairs rather than a lift

Read more books

Try to not get a parking fine/speeding ticket

Pass driving test

Eat less biscuits

Get married

Break a world record

Travel more

Learn how to use the technology properly (iPad, social media etc)

Eat less red meat

Spend less time at work