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100 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers…

Jan 18, 2016

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Even the most experienced of bloggers manage to find themselves in a bit of a creative muddle from time to time whilst trying to think of new ideas on what to write about. Although blogging is undoubtedly bundles of fun, it can also be incredibly challenging when it comes to conjuring up fresh & exciting content for your readers… especially when you feel you’re temporarily lacking a sprinkle of creative imagination.

However this month I’ve noticed a surge of awesome new bloggers stopping by Confetti & Curves to say howdy *friendly wave* It’s no surprise that as a new year dawns so does our desire for taking on a new hobby or interest – and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with the buzz you get from blogging or the bundles of support the growing community of online feature writers have to offer.

So in light that today’s post just might help some new (and possibly not so new) beauty, lifestyle & fashion bloggers; I’ve compiled a list of some fun feature ideas that should hopefully keep you focused throughout the year ahead *energetic air punch* Some can even be turned into mini series which I’ve highlighted with a little * symbol.

So go grab your cuppa & blog schedule whilst we take a peek at some of the fun post ideas you could be getting up to in the near future! Happy Blogging…


  1. A RECENT ‘ME SPREE’* – Share what treats made their way into your shopping basket… of course don’t forget to include prices & links too as you’ll impress potential brands & PR companies who may want to contact you for an exciting review opportunity!
  2. MONTHLY FAVOURITES* –Let your readers know what you’ve been loving & loathing over the past few weeks.
  3. NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE – Share what lotions & potions you’re currently using before bedtime. Don’t forget to include those shopping links!
  4. DAY TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE – And of course the same for during the day too!
  5. WISH LIST* – Why not split your Wish Lists into several posts for each category: Lipsticks, Shoes, Bags etc. Suddenly you’ve got a whole collection of great posts to share!
  6. WHAT’S IN MY BAG – I loooove these posts. Maybe it’s because I’m super nosey or because I’ve an obsession with new hand bags. Readers adore a good nosey inside a pretty bag, so why not share what you carry around on a daily basis? You could even do an clutch bag or college bag edition too!
  7. FACE OF THE DAY (FOTD)* – What avid beauty blog reader doesn’t love a great FOTD? It’s a feature staple!
  8. CRAFT PROJECTS – Share an easy peasy DIY project such as how to make a cute make up brush holder etc. If you want some inspiration for how to set them out check out my posts Create Your Own Mini Photo Studio & Make Your Own I Heart Buttons Wall Art!
  9. YOUR BLOGGING WORK SPACE – Show case your work space & how you organise it.
  10. HAIR STYLE TUTORIAL – Inspire us with new ways in which we can style our hair. This could be for work/uni/date night, whatever!
  11. GET READY (OR UN-READY) WITH ME – What products you use, make-up, outfit choice, hair style etc Show us how you transform yourself on a night out.
  12. PRODUCT OF THE MONTH* – Pick out your favourite product & tell us why you’ve been loving it so much. Don’t forget to include links should your readers decide to treat themselves!
  13. YOUR FAVOURITE NAIL POLISHES – Round up your favourite colours of the season & get swatching.
  14. RE-CREATE A CELEBRITY LOOK – Why not share a make up or outfit look from one of your fav movie, TV or music stars. Could you show others how to master Taylor Swifts classic red lip or Kim K’s super-contoured cheek bones?
  15. YOUR FAVOURITE BLOGGING ACCESSORIES – Diaries, Post-It notes, Erasable pens, Phone Apps… what do you use for all your blogging needs?
  16. EMPTIES* – Share what goodies you’ve used up recently & your thoughts on them.
  17. SEASONAL MAKE UP TUTORIAL* – Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn… whatever the season show your readers how to create a great look to match!
  18. CREATE THE PERFECT BROW – Are your brows on fleek? Give a quick tutorial and run through of products you use to create the look.
  19. MANICURE OF THE MONTH* – What’s your favourite coloured polish this month? Are you using any awesome hand & nail creams? Maybe you’ve picked up some new tools to keep your digits looking delightful?
  20. FAVOURITE EYE LOOK* – Dramatic or understated..whatever you’re loving let your readers know all about it too & how you achieved it.
  21. HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT WINGED LINER – Possibly one of the trickiest processes that us ladies attempt to master. Have you any tips on how to make it easier?
  22. WHAT’S IN MY MAKE UP BAG – C’mon get the goods out! There’s nothing like a good plunder through the cosmetic stash😀
  23. YOUR SHOE COLLECTION – Boots, stilettos, flats, gym shoes, cosy slippers… who doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of shoes?
  24. WHAT’S ON MY BEAUTY SHELF – Literally. Take a picture of your beauty shelves and talk us through what lotions & potions you’re making use of!
  25. COME ALONG WITH ME – Why not your readers along with you on a day trip or night out? Include details from the outfit, accessories, makeup, where you’re going & what you’re doing. Not that we’re a nosey bunch or anything😉
  26. INTRODUCE A GUEST BLOGGER* – A great way to get networking with other blog buddies!
  27. SHARE OTHER HOBBIES – What other activities do you love doing in your spare time? What benefit are they and why do you do them? Maybe you’ll help inspire some of us to try something new!
  28. HOST A GIVE-AWAY – A great way to celebrate a blogging milestone such as reaching 100 followers or a 1st year blogiversary etc
  29. TAKE PART IN A FUN TAG – You don’t have to wait until you’re invited to take part in one you know, however it’s always good to link back to the blog you spotted it on! You’ll get extra brownie points for being a considerate blogger🙂
  30. HOST A Q&A – Why not ask your readers if they have any burning questions for you?
  31. FIVE MINUTE MAKE UP LOOK – We’re all in a rush these days whether it be for work, uni or a night out. Why not share your top products for achieving a great look in the fraction of the time!
  32. FAVOURITE INSTAGRAMERS – Who’s inspiring you on Instagram?
  33. QUIRKY FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF – Dazzle us with some interesting facts about yourself… a great way to let your readers know a little bit more about you!
  34. NAIL ART TUTORIAL* – Are you a whizz at dressing up your claws? Then show us how we can achieve that look too.
  35. TOP APPS YOU USE ON YOUR PHONE – Virtual diaries, photography editing, reading, shopping, social media… whatever apps you’re using let your readers know all about them.
  36. A ROOM TOUR – Why not take your readers on a quick tour around your room and share some of your favourite things such as candles, jewellery holders, cute photo frames & beauty storage etc.
  37. PAY DAY PICKS*  – What treats are you planning on spending your hard earned cash on?
  38. HOW YOU OVERCAME ANY ISSUES – bullying, depression, anxiety, low self esteem? Don’t be afraid to share a little snippet of something you’ve battled with and how you’ve overcome it or maybe you’re still going through it? You’ll be amazed at how many others may be able to relate to you. Some of my greatest supporters for tough times have been my blog buddies.
  39. OUTFIT OF THE DAY – Dazzle readers with your styling skills! Why not rope in your bestie to help take some awesome pictures of your fashion look in locations nearby? Could be a fun opportunity to catch up with friends whilst snapping some awesome blog images!
  40. YOUR GOALS & DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE – What are you working towards and how are you aiming to get there? This is a great way to reflect & help keep your eyes focused on the future prize.
  41. INTERVIEW A FAVOURITE BLOGGER* – Don’t be afraid to approach any of your favourite bloggers to ask if you could interview them… I’m pretty sure they’ll be utterly chuffed to bits you approached them & will more than likely help spread the word about your blog too!
  42. YOUR JEWELLERY COLLECTION – What sparkly accessories are you hiding in your own little treasure chest?
  43. WHAT INSPIRES YOU – It could be a book, movie, friend, family member, celebrity, the blogging community, your faith… the list goes on.
  44. THROW BACK PHOTO’S – Who doesn’t love a virtual wander down memory lane?
  45. HOW YOU DE-STRESS – Share your tips on what you do to chill out & relax after a busy week.
  46. PLANNING A GIRLS NIGHT OUT – Outfits, make up, shoes, bags, the chums, the venue… we’d love to read your planning tips!
  47. WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED FROM BLOGGING – Whether it be a month, a year or a decade. Let your readers know your thoughts so far, including your goals & ambitions!
  48. 5 THINGS YOU WOULDN’T WANNA LIVE WITHOUT – C’mon we all have our must haves😀
  49. STYLE INSPIRATION* – Why not create an outfit, wish list or fashion menu of most wanted threads?
  50. BEST BEAUTY DUPES – Let your readers know how they can save time & money by sharing your secrets!
  51. MUST-READ BLOGGERS – What bloggers are you checking out most often? What makes them so interesting? Don’t forget to let your favourite bloggers know how much you enjoy their blogs, they may even help promote your post!
  52. WHAT’S ON YOUR BEAUTY BOOK SHELF – Are you currently book-worming your way through a great beauty read? If so, we’d love to know about it too!
  53. DRAMATIC MAKE UP LOOK – Unless your creative talents by showing readers what unforgettable looks you’ve been creating.
  54. SHARE YOUR HIDDEN TALENTS – Are you hoarding a secret skill? Maybe you’re a part time pole-dancer, creative graphic design artist or a pro at making your own organic skin scrubs? Time to fess up and show the world (or your blog buddies at least) how blooming marvellous you are in other areas.
  55. FAVOURITE POSTS ROUND-UP* – Gather up some of your most popular posts over the last year?
  56. DE-CLUTTER YOUR MAKE UP BAG/ROOM/WARDROBE ETC – Take us along on a sort-out mission! Who doesn’t love a good spring clean?
  57. DÉCOR IDEAS ON A BUDGET – Set yourself a budget and show your readers how nifty & thrifty you are at interior design!
  58. WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED – exercise, yoga, copious amounts of chocolate perhaps?😉 Whatever keeps a fire in your belly we’d love to reads all about it.
  59. YOUR TRAVEL LIST – Fancy a jolly hol? Where would you most like to spend a week away?
  60. A DAY IN YOUR LIFE – Time to get the camera out and document what your daily routine is… you’ll be amazed at how many readers really enjoy these poist!
  61. CURRENT CELEBRITY FASHION/BEAUTY TRENDS – Are you a devoted follower of all things hot on the celebrity circuit? Maybe you’re regularly burning the midnight oil by taking notes from live red carpet shows? Share your findings by being one of the first to tell the world what’s super hot right now.
  62. WHY YOU STARTED YOUR BLOG – Everyone has a blogging story, we’d love to hear yours too!
  63. PLANNING A GIRLS NIGHT IN – Pj’s, snacks, movies, face masks, gossip, cocktails & giggles… everyone LOVES a great girls night in. What’s your party essentials?
  64. BEST OF ETSY – Share your favourite Etsy finds so we can add copious amounts of little trinkets to our wish lists!
  65. YOUR FAVOURTIE MAKE UP BRANDS & WHY YOU LIKE THEM SO MUCH – Everyone has a favourite brand (or five in my case) Share with the world just why you love your top brands so much & maybe you’ll inspire someone else to fall in love with them too!
  66. TOP TIPS FOR STRESS FREE SHOPPING – I think we could ALL be doing with a dose of that medicine😉
  67. THRIFT SHOP FINDS* – Are you an avid bargain hunter with a passion for shopping? Why not check out your local charity thrift shops & share with readers what hidden pre-loved gems you’ve found… all in the name of a great cause too!
  68. FAVOURITE PLACES NEARBY – Why not tell your readers about some of your favourite local attractions? Don’t forget to share it on social media as you just might be pleasantly surprised at how many visitors & locals will want to check out your post… time to get hash-tagging ladies!
  69. FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Hot or Not? What’s your immediate thoughts on a new product you’ve been eager to try out?
  70. MOST WATCHED YOUTUBE CHANNELS – Give us all something to procrastinate over during the weekend!
  71. DIY BEAUTY TREATMENTS – Face scrubs, masks, self tanning, pedicures, manicures, hair colours… who needs a fancy schmancy spa when they have your fabulous features to inspire them!
  72. HOW TO APPLY FALSE LASHES – My evil nemesis… I can assure you I’ll be first in line to read any advice you might wanna share! Is it normal to be this intimidated by falsies?😀
  73. YOUR FAVOURITE HIGH STREET STORES & WHY – What shops do you love browsing? What makes the staff so good? Are the changing facilities life-changing?😉
  74. BEST BUDGET BUYS* – Not everyone is prepared to splash the cash on £28 mascaras *dramatic eye roll* What pocket friendly alternatives to high end products are you craving over?
  75. TOP HIGH-END SPEND PRODUCTS* – Just like the Best Budget Buys , get sharing some of your greatest high-end products & let the world know what’s okay (or not) to invest in without being bitterly disappointed and potentially penniless.
  76. BODY ISSUES YOU’VE BATTLED – Acne breakouts, damaged nails, frizzy hair?
  77. FAVOURITE EYE SHADOW PALETTES – There can never be enough amazing palettes in one’s collection *happy sigh* and I for one reeeeally wanna hear what eye dazzlers you’re currently obsessed with!
  78. DISAPPOINTING PRODUCTS* – Ahhh the life of a beauty blogger isn’t all fun & games as occasionally we stumble upon a disaster or two…. however maintain your grace & don’t forget to make your criticism as constructive as possible😉
  79. BEAUTY/SKINCARE ESSENTIALS FOR TRAVELLING – whether it be a three hour car journey or long haul flight, we’d all like to arrive looking & feeling fabulous!
  80. YOUR TOP ONLINE STORES – In a world where online shopping seems to be the preferred choice of many, why not share what sites you’ve had a great experience with!
  81. SUBSCRIPTION BOXES* – What goodies did the postman deliver to your door this month?
  82. YOUR CURRENT STYLE STAPLES – Have a blazer that goes with everything or a jumper that seems to be a second skin? Share the items you’re loving to wear & why!
  83. HAVE A RANT – Only now and again of course or you just might scare your new followers off! If anything a little rant every once in a while reminds readers there’s a real life human grumbling behind the blog! Bah Humbug.
  84. YOUR HANDBAG COLLECTION – Need I say more *swoon*
  85. SEASONAL SKINCARE* – Dry lips, blotchy red patches, broken nails? If you have any top tips to share on how to look & feel awesome during the season then do tell!
  86. THE PERFECT PEDICURE – I’ll be the first to say I’m NOT a fan of feet in the slightest, in fact it’s a borderline phobia, however I’m often amazed at the lack of pedi posts. C’mon beauty guru’s, your tootsies are just as important!
  87. GET TO KNOW ME BETTER – This could be in a question format from your readers or simply a few paragraphs on your loves & loathes in life.
  88. BUDGET MAKE UP CHALLENGE – Create an entire look with awesome products for under a target amount of money! Great for students, bargain hunters & those on a tight budget.
  89. CREATE A QUIZ OR FUN TAG – Can’t find a TAG to suit you? Then why not create your own & invite your blog buddies to join in the fun.
  90. YOUR BEAUTY HACKS – Ssssh. Promise we won’t mention a thing!😉
  91. HAIR ADVICE & WHAT PRODUCTS YOU USE – Dry, greasy, limp, full, thick, damaged, coloured or bleached within an inch of it’s life? Whatever the previous condition of your follicles, guide readers through any recent products that have helped you gained gorgeous looking tresses once again!
  92. BUYER FOCUSED BEAUTY BRANDS – Cruelty Free, Sensitive Skin, Acne Prone, Organic etc,
  93. MONTHLY ROUND-UP* – Gather up your most recent posts, so new readers & those that might have missed out can keep up to date with what’s been happening on your blog.
  94. THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO IMPROVE ON YOUR BLOG – Design, layout, menu’s, titles, images, adding a contact page, changing the name… whatever your plans why not share it with your readers? They may be able to give you invaluable feedback to help you along the way!
  95. STATIONARY STAPLES – Pens, notepads, cute little sticky notes, funky erasures, pencil sharpening gadgets, planner stickers, pens, giant paper clips, desktop organisers. Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of stationary items?
  96. FOODS WITH BEAUTY BENEFITS* – Easy peasy juice recipes, fresh fruit or veg that may help with a skin complaint or beauty blemish. Making even the smallest changes in our diets can have such a amazing benefits!
  97. ASK FOR ADVICE – This is often a great way to get people interacting on your blog! By asking for help with a current beauty or lifestyle dilemma you just might get some great advice & make new blog buddies into the bargain = Win,Win!
  98. BAD BEAUTY HABBITS & HOW TO BANISH THEM – Forgetting to wash your brushes, nail biting, hoarding stale make up, cleansing your skin with baby wipes *tut tut* We all have our bad habits, what’s yours & how are you trying to shake it for good?
  99. MAKE A VIRTUAL MOOD BOARD – This could be to ignite creativity with blog design, a room makeover, new dramatic make up look or party outfit!
  100. YOUR FAVOURITE BEAUTY TOOLS & MAKEUP BRUSHES – We all have our favourites for many reasons: cost, longevity, design, results… what’s your must-have tools of the trade & why do you give them such a huge thumbs up?

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Do you suffer from creative block every now & again? What’s your top tips for featuring fresh content? Maybe you’re new to blogging & have a question of your own?

If you’ve any suggestions for post ideas to add to the list please stop by and leave them in the comments below – we’d love to read all about them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Cheerio Chums…

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