6 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Writting

1.Grammarly makes your writing flow better. The free version checks for basic grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.Your reader’s experience will dramatically improve by using this tool. It scans your text and makes suggestions about where changes should or could be made.  You can either use it in your web browser or install the Microsoft Office add-on. And you can even tell Grammarly whether you’re writing in US or UK English so it will know how to support you. Grammarly will also tell you why it is making a suggestion so you can understand and learn about the error you have made.



2. Learning to re-read and proof read your own work means again that your writing will read better. It can we done whilst using Grammarly as above. make sure you are breaking us your sentences into reasonable, easy to read lengths and that you use one tense throughout your writing.


3. Use your keywords in your article. Set out a few key words that summarize the topic of your article. Copy and paste your writing into this FREE tool (https://wordcounter.net/). It will tell you what words you are using the most and their density within the text. You can then edit in words to improve the key word density. 1-3% is a good range for your key word density to fall into.


4.Use powerful words rather than passive words to make your writing more engaging. For example ‘owned’ rather than ‘had’ or ‘Improved’ rather than ‘made better’.


5.Use authority to make your article seem more important. Quotes, statistics and big names give your writing more weight and power.


6.Set yourself time to write. Your writing will be a lot more thought out and structured. Give yourself and hour or set time period to sit down and write about your topic. You will get into your writing more and your audience will notice this!


Extra tip: Use https://www.impactbnd.com/blog-title-generator/blogabout to help you generate a great title for your article or blog post. Simply type in your topic. 🙂



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  1. I was always wondering how people figure out keywords when they keep saying to use them in your blogging. Thanks for the tip!


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