Balancing Blogging and University

Balancing Blogging and University –


Balancing blogging and University is tough, especially for a third year in her final term at the moment. You’ve got to keep on top of all your readings, not fall behind with dissertation work and as well as that you need to write blog posts, take photographs and make sure you keep up to date on all social media platforms.

I have been blogging for not even two months now and it is a lot more effort than I originally thought and requires a lot of work and attention – more so than none bloggers think. So I have put together five points that I stick to in order to keep on top of blogging whilst studying!


Plan ahead

I’m sure we all know about the Bullet Journal trend that has helped so many bloggers and others alike. I got into bullet journalling quite late on – I only started a bullet journal when I started blogging but I use it for so many things. I use my bullet journal to track my blog analytics, write down any post ideas and inspiration, as well as making a note of university deadlines and set myself goals.

I am a technophobe when it comes to stuff like this. I use my laptop and phone daily, there is no doubt about that but I love to have things written down when it comes to organisation. It keeps things separate from my technology and having things written down makes life so much easier for me. I carry around my little notepad when going into University and when I work on my blog in bulk sessions, it makes it a little easier.

I have a saved pin board over on my Pinterest for bullet journal inspiration.


It is important to prioritise what is most important whilst being a blogger and studying. University will always come first for me and if I have any assignments due or deadline looming I will prioritise my degree!

Every week I write myself a to-do list. It will include things such as dissertation week goals, readings that I need to do and blog post schedules etc. It is important for me to have everything written down and to see what needs to be done each week. It also allows me to prioritise what is most important. Seeing it all written down helps me decide the things that are needed to be done first and things that can be done later on.

Keep a routine

I’ll be honest, I definitely have days where I do not do any University work or blogging. I will tweet every so often throughout the day and maybe post an Instagram but there are definitely some days where I will not want to do anything at all.

It is important to keep a routine with university work as so many days can go by and you’re suddenly thinking, oh crap, I have so much to do for this week. It is the same with blogging, if you do not do anything for a while you most likely won’t get any traffic to your blog and for a small blogger engagement is vital when first starting up.

I stick a routine where when I have deadlines looming I will go into University, sit through my lectures and then go to the library afterwards to do my work. I work best in the mornings so this is easy for me. In the afternoon I then go home and this is when I will work on my blog. Blogging to me is a hobby that I enjoy so I like coming home from working to working on my little place on the Internet.

Prepare your posts and schedule them

I go through small phases with blogging. Some days all I want to do is write blog posts, take photographs and engage in twitter chats and some I don’t even want to open up my apps. If you know that you need to work on assignments as deadline are looming and you hold priority to your work first then it is necessary to schedule promoting tweets and have saved images to bulk up your Insta. In reality there are going to be days when you are not leaving the house for four days on end because you are on lockdown with getting that essay completed.

I find myself having days where I am more productive on some than others so buffer all of my scheduled work so I can relax and know that everything is sorted. Which leads me to the next point

Work in bulks

As well as planning ahead and scheduling all your social media posts for the day it is also important to allow yourself to have a little bit of a head start, for the days when you know you won’t be able to do blog work. Photography for example is one of the easiest things to do in bulk if you like to set up and arrange your images. Putting aside a couple of hours or so to do photography in a bulk session saves more time later on and could give you inspiration for more ideas.

Working in bulks makes life so much easier and having pictures or posts already available at a time when you need most is rewarding.

Lois x

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