How To Find The Cause Of Facial Redness

Find the offender. A product in your skincare routine may cause an allergic reaction, pimples, or other irritation. Think about the cosmetics, skin care products, and hair products you use. Cut back on all of them and slowly reintroduce them back into your routine one by one. This way, you can determine which might be causing your skin to break out.

  • If redness is associated with swelling of the face, especially lips or tongue, or trouble breathing, seek immediate medical attention. In the United States, call 911.
  • Start with the products you have added most recently, since these are the most likely to have triggered a reaction.
  • You can schedule an appointment with an allergist or dermatologist. Either can do a patch test, during which small amounts of chemicals will be applied to the skin and the treated skin will be monitored for a reaction.
  • You may just have sensitive skin. If so, some brands have sensitive-skin product lines; classic examples include the Aveeno Ultra-Calming and Eucerin Redness Relief lines.
  • After you figure out which chemical is at the root of your redness, cut out any product from your routine that contains that chemical as an active or inactive ingredient.