New Season’s Resolutions 

New Season’s Resolutions –

Who Says They’re Just for the New Year!

After what seemed like an endless reign of cloudy days, flooding, and snowfall, it is so nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy a pretty day.

This morning’s breakfast is a simple egg and sausage scramble. Just three ingredients with a little butter goes a long way!

Cook up your sausage, cut into smaller pieces, and mix them with some cheddar cheese and a couple of eggs. Whisk or fold in a pan with butter–I also love adding some avocado on the side with this meal!

It’s funny how when the weather changes, so do we…

…but there’s no doubt that it affects our moods. Although I don’t love the heat and have to slather up in about an inch of sunscreen during Summer days, there is something about the Sun being out that makes everything have a more positive feel–which is why I love Spring. It’s like we all come out of our little shells that we hide in during the cold, flowers bloom, birds and animals are show themselves, bees and butterflies and dragonflies–we become surrounded by life happening.

It’s the perfect time for some goal making!

“New Season’s Resolutions”

I have a personality trait that gives me potential for huge success, while at the same time fills me with disappointment and regret. I never feel like I am living up to my full potential, even when I am doing things right and should feel proud of how far I have gotten. It can be my career, my health, my living space, my relationships, etc. I always feel like there is something bigger ahead, and that I am wasting my precious time day in and day out.

I don’t think I am alone on this. I think we all feel like we can be better in some way, and working on achieving a goal (even smaller scale ones!) puts our minds in a constant state of feeling as though we are moving towards a greater good.

With the new season comes a new outlook on life, a new set of goals that correlate with where we all are in our own lives at the moment. Perhaps even trying something new, doing something you’ve never done!

As silly as this sounds, I recently went through my closet and ended up with several huge bags filled with clothes that I never touch or don’t fit anymore. I had been noticing those big green donation bins in parking lots whenever I ventured to the city, and for the first time in my life I donated enough clothes to fill an entire closet. I know it’s not the most charitable thing one can do, but it’s amazing how good even the little things can make us feel. Helping people and knowing that I possibly made a difference in someone’s life is what I aim to do. It feels good to do good.

Candy from Nature?!

Speaking of goals and New Season’s Resolutions, I have gotten to a point during my weightloss journey where I am beginning to feel as though I need to introduce some things back into my diet. A hugely controversial food in the low carb world is fruit. Some are fine, even on strict Keto, like berries. Things like bananas and grapes are like eating a candy bar. Besides the fact that they are natural (way better than a processed candy bar) the main redeeming quality that fruit has is that it is sweet. It’s no secret to low carb eaters that sweetness is something we learn to go without, and I am not opposed to adding some fruit into my diet (a diet can still stay low carb by doing so!) We will see how it goes! So fruit may make an appearance in some of my recipes/meals, and I might find that I am not such a huge fan after all. It’s something new!

Find Bliss

My personal bliss lies in nature, being away from the hustle and bustle of life and able to take time to just enjoy the peace it offers. Some hikes are definitely in my near future! Take time for yourself to think and reflect. A happy mind is root of success!

Like always, do what makes you happy, remind yourself of your greatness with daily affirmations, and you will find success. There’s nothing like a sunny day to bring the good out of us!

Thanks for reading, and thank you so much to everyone for the support and follows. Since starting this blog, I’ve connected with amazing people and received more support and encouragement than I could have imagined! 

May we all achieve our goals!

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman