My FIRST Fashion Show – NEC Moda Fashion


So, how does one even describe their first fashion show?

Beautiful. Exciting. Networking. Eye Openings….. The possibilities for description are endless…

As an emerging blogger this was my first time at a professional event.

I attended armed with my phone ready to take pictures and having gone through my postal pack with catalogues containing new season designs. The event I attended was Moda Fashion Weekend at the NEC. The date: 19 – 21 Feb 2017.

Due to time limitations. I mainly attended the lingerer catwalk, took pictures and took a walk around all the stands , which was a lot!

My Highlights!

-Being asked for my contact details at one of the stands and to contact them about marketing.

-The amazing experience of a choreographed catwalk. The music, the professionalism and special effects were astounding.

-Sitting in the front row with the photographers.


-My first PRESS lanyard

-Getting all dressed up and being amongst people who had made a tremendous effort to look good and well fashioned as a retail / fashion professional.

Things I Learnt  / Would do differently next time

-Always ask before you take photos of products – some people want you too (it’s brilliant promotion), some people don’t (The images on their products may be copyrighted, their products may not be out for the public reveal yet e.t.c).

-Invest in a good camera. My phone performed well, but given all the lighting changes involved at a fashion show. However, investing in a DSLR that I can adjust the setting (exposure, shutter speed, depth of field e.t.c) would be a great idea.

-Make and take business cards and hand them out. If I had gone more prepared with business cards I could have enhanced my networking capabilities and potentially landed more jobs from the event.

-Take a pen and paper and take note of your favourite pieces on the catwalk so you can remember them when typing up your account of the event or when you want to refer back to them.

-Plan ahead. Look at the catwalk scheduled and plan which location you need to be in at what time to see the collections you want to. Then on the day you can see more and don’t have to worry so much about timings.


Take a look at my pictures for the event and leave comments below! 🙂


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