5 Careers in the Culinary Field (2 min read)

5 Careers in the Culinary Field (2 min read) – http://wp.me/p7hi1Z-a3o

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Sybil Mahlangu

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When many of us hear, “I’m a chef,” we often immediately think, “A chef in a restaurant kitchen,” but, there are many careers that develop out of studying culinary arts. Here are a few you could consider:

1. Restaurant Chef

When you work in a restaurant, there is a system hierarchy used called,”The Kitchen Brigade.” This is basically a ladder you climb from Commis Chef (junior chef) to Chef de Cuisine (Head chef). It may take a few years to get to the top (as most careers), but once your foot is in the door and you have the drive for it, you’d be good to go!

2. Pastry Chef

For those with a passion for sweet thangs! When you’ve studied culinary arts, you have a great skill in the making of pastries. Treats such as ice-cream, tarts, cakes, chocolate and all of those other delicious eats. You could also open your own pastry shop (bakery) or café.

3. Catering

Although many people that are in catering may not be qualified chefs, having a qualification in culinary arts may help. It would add a lot more expertise to your menus. Tricks up your sleeve! This would make you stand out from all the rest.

4. Private Chef

You prefer to work on your own? Well, this might be just the right career for you. Being a private chef is a bit more personal than working in a restaurant as you’d be preparing food for your clients according to their palates. There is the option of being a private chef for a specific home or you could do freelance cooking, where you cook at different homes per request. This would drive your creativity as it wouldn’t be a set menu for the different homes.

5. Food Writer/Food Blogger

Having a culinary qualification for this career is very important. Yes, research in what you would write or blog about is important but having great insight in the field is just as important. Look at food writing or food blogging as a teaching platform. People that will read or view your material are there to learn something new. Whether it’s recipes or culinary terminology such as, “Chiffonade,” or, “Crudités,” (showing off a little there), could entice your viewers to come back and view more.

So there they are, a few careers you could think about diving into!

Article Credits: Sybil Mahlangu

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