How to write when you don’t feel like writing 


Welcome to another Tipsy Tuesday, where I give you tips on All kinds of business matters that I’ve learned over the years.

Today’s topic is writing and more specifically how to stay on top of it. In my updates last week I shared that I was writing a book and that it would be done in 3 months. It seems like a crazy idea because most authors talk about how long it takes to write a book. And let me tell you is crazy. It’s crazy because I also write this blog 5 times a week and in my day job I’m writing as well. So I basically write all day and then I come home to write some more. Most people don’t have that kind of tenacity and in fact, most of them use the fact that they write so much as an excuse for not writing towards their passion or goals.

I was like that once and not so long ago. Here are some of the ways I found worked to help me overcome my excuses for writing for me.

Make a plan– I have a notebook I carry everywhere with 5 sections divided up. I write ideas in each section for the segment of my blog and my book. It’s awesome and it means I always have fresh ideas at the ready. I also have an editorial calendar that makes me relevant and it’s easy to get ideas of that on the fly.

Add things on slowly– I got my job, then started my blog, then started my book. I added things on slowly and made sure I was ready to take those things on.

Set a deadline– I used to be horrible with deadlines but I would get really mad at myself for being that way because I was always letting someone down. Trust me, you can overcome this if you find your passion and are serious about it. I now set deadlines all the time. I count on myself to meet them and sometimes on others for bigger projects. The important thing is to do things with a purpose.

Read & listen– reading and listening to podcasts is my favorite thing to do to reinvigorate my purpose, my passion, and my ideas. Listen to podcasts in your desired field, read books by tour heroes or those whom you want to be like and you’ll have to try and stop the ideas from coming.

Motivate yourself– motivation is like a bath, you should do it daily. It’s hard to stay motivated all the time. You have to practice right goals daily to really help with that. Take 5 minutes each morning to practice your goals and ambitions. You’ll find more motivation without even realizing it in no time.

What are your tips for staying focused on your writing?