Tips to practise self care 

Tips to practise self care –

So self care has been something that I’ve been trying to get into since I discovered it, which was very recently. Self care has unfortunately never come naturally to me at all, I can be a very self destructive person. Whilst its just instinct for my boyfriend to shut himself away and make some nice food and play a video game when he feels a bit stressed, when I feel a bit stressed it seems to be instinct to lose any sort of structured eating pattern, keep myself busy for 14 hours a day and stay up working myself to death late enough that I’ll be a zombie the next day. As oppose to caring for myself, I seem to find it comes much more naturally to be very harsh towards myself, which is obviously not healthy.

So seeing as self care is so alien to me I thought I would try a few physical methods in order to feel something and get the ball rolling.


Face/hair masks

This is the sort of thing which feels good for no other dumb reason than it just feels good. Even though it isn’t essential, you cant deny that it feels good to spend 20 minutes with a face mask on or some kind of deep conditioner in your hair, and you know that you feel lovely after too. Pampering yourself like this will start to make you believe that you are worth pampering, and therefore raise your sense of self worth.

Approve of your reflection

I completely understand how difficult it is to deal with having a terrible relationship with your body image, but a huge self care step is to love what your body looks like, no matter how it looks. When you look in the mirror, even if internally you cringe, tell yourself that you love what you see. Tell yourself that you look great, you look fucking fierce, look at all the things you love about your body! Think about what you get compliments on, and just let yourself love yourself. Fake it til you make it.

Celebrate everything

You just finished a week of double shifts, you finally hit 500 Instagram followers, your project deadline was today and the damned thing was finally over. These may seem like irrelevant victories, and in the grander scheme of things yeah they’ll be pretty forgettable, but celebrate it anyway. Make a nice dinner, go for a drink with someone you love, put aside the chores and watch a film instead, treat yourself. Its important to recognise when you’ve done something that you can be proud of with some sort of positive external acknowledgement.

(celebrating something or other with papa) 

Eat three meals a day.

This might just be me, but when I’m under a lot of pressure my appetite disappears and food becomes my last priority. If I dont eat then I end up getting even more tired and stressed out because my brain isn’t functioning properly. Even on days when it feels as if the world is crashing around my ears, I need to make sure that I fuel my body in the hopes of making me feel as good as possible as soon as possible.

(I’m not healthy in the slightest, I know nothing about nutrition, I like pancakes)


Finally, sleep better. When I’m feeling self destructive it leads to me staying up until 2am leaving me completely shattered and feeling like shite the next day. I know that a sleep deprived Beth is not a happy one, so try to get to bed at 10, asleep by 11 ready to wake up at 6:30. This means I’m giving myself the best possible start to the next day.

(a picture I took to send my friends to exaggerate how much orange I have in my life)

If anyone has any self care tips of their own then I’d love to hear about it cos this is all new to me and very fun to explore! See ya gang, love yourselves xxxx