Tools to Plan an Awesome New Year

Daily PlanIt

With these tools, you can set some goals, make resolutions, and track your progress in 2017. I made these to add to my Planner binder. Don’t forget to grab a copy of the printables at An Annual Review too!


2017goals download the 2017 Goals Master List


  1. For each area, think of one word that describes what you want to CREATE.
  2. Next, think of what you need to DO to make that happen.
  3. Pick a few goals that are the most meaningful, and make them SMART.
  4. Break the goals into smaller steps.
  5. Track your progress.

2017 Resolutions

There are lots of ideas for resolutions on a one page printable, with a visual cue for different areas. Find ideas for metrics to track at An Annual Review.

2017resolutions download 2017 Resolutions


With this Habit Scorecard, you can track 5 daily habits for a month.

habitscorecard download Monthly Habit…

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