OPI Strawberry Margarita Anyone?

OK, my first question is how can anyone not love the OPI brand? This is my first nail polish by them and Oh My God do I LOVE IT!!

My Style Weapon of Choice: 3.75ml Strawberry Margarita (hot pink) Nail Laqure

It goes on so smoothly it is almost impossible (even for me) to get all those horrible lumps and bumps in it! The shine is incredible! And it only took 1 coat on most of my nails to create a beautiful solid colour!

It also dried within seconds, although I’d recorded giving your nails 5 minutes afterwards just to avoid chips. I chipped one and had to re-do it, but after 5 minutes this OPI polish is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I love this because so many of my nail polishes even the 60 second dry Rimmel ones do continue to chip for hours afterwards! I love that this product doesn’t.

My only criticism is that now I bought the little one as a tester I wish I had bought the bigger 15ml one!

This is bar far the best nail polish I own and I can not wait to order more!!!

Seriously think I might order 5 or 6 more of the mini ones as my summer nail varnish wardrobe and satisfy my need for cute, small things at the same time!

Although I am not from the USA, in OPI 15ml tends to retail around $8-9 and about £8.45 in the UK.

I also paired this product with Rimmel MULTI CARE BASE + TOP COAT Number 965 to seal my nails (Yes I also love my Rimmel nail polishes if you hadn’t guessed!)

Here is the link to The OPI Strawberry Margarita Polish