Anorexia – Why Delve Deeper

I was reading through minds spring issue and found this on anorexia.
It explains and tackles some of the things people are often confused about or don’t understand about anorexia.
Particially the first part enlightened and educated me.
I am a firm believer that all perspectives can be understood if we try hard enough, and I think that applies to arguments, social behavior and how mental illness affects people. It’s one of those things where education and actively being open to trying to understand others is vital.
I know how things have affected me in my life and how friends despite not being able to feel what I am feeling have tried very hard to understand why I am feeling that way and looked at things from my perspective instead of their own to help me.
I know how difficult it is to try and understand something you have never experienced yourself. And how remarkable and loyal and kind these people are, and how lucky I am to have people willing and capable of doing this in my life.
I just thought this clipping provided some real insight in the same way about things people often chose to question about those who have anorexia. It’s easy to brand them as not being anorexia because they like food or vain because they take pictures of themselves and put them on instagram. But actually like all human thought, you sometimes have to delve a bit deeper to find the answer and reasons.
The following was written as part of minds article on anorexia by a member called Claire who had experienced it herself.

2 thoughts on “Anorexia – Why Delve Deeper

  1. Anorexia is most times misunderstood and eating disorders are worse than ever… I really wish more people would try to understand it rather than just assuming people do it because they are vain and it is easy to recover from. Thank you for sharing!


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