Top 5 Blogging Competitions in the World


Since the invention of the internet and world wide web in the 1990s, blogging has become a wildly popular online art form. Perhaps their appeal is due to the sheer possibilities – blogs can be about anything. Some use it as an online diary to discuss matters of a personal nature; others, a place to share knowledge about specific topics like nature or business. They can have a single author, multiple authors, or even be part of an organization’s website. Blogging may have started off as a hobby, but it’s become one of the many methods to turn a profit online. It’s simple: attracting readers attracts advertisers.

As blogging becomes an increasingly profitable pastime, it’s attracting tons of talented writers who put their skills to use for this specific purpose. It came as no surprise that blogging competitions began sprouting up all over the world. These contests attract hundreds of great bloggers all vying for the chance to win cash, other prizes, and notoriety. See here the top 5 blogging competitions in the world:

  1. UK Blog Awards

Entries for the UK Blog Awards are submitted in the fall (October/November). To enter, complete the entry form on the website. You will need to create an account, and entry is free. Prizes are recognition as the best blog in the UK, award images to display on your blog, the chance to write for your judges, and PR to market your blog. There were 36 winners in 2017 who entered in many different categories.

  1. The Saveur Blog Awards

Nominations are open in the summer (June/July). The entry page is on the website. The prize is the notoriety, and last year’s winner was Nevada Berg with a Norwegian food blog called North Wild Kitchen.

  1. The Irish Beauty Blog Awards

Entries to this competition are submitted to the Irish Beauty Blog Awards in the spring. Your prize for winning your category is recognition at a gala in Dublin and a plaque. Last year’s winners were 12 bloggers in various lifestyle/beauty categories such as design, make-up, nutrition, and fashion.

  1. BAKE Awards

Kenyan bloggers can submit their blogs from January to March. Submit by visiting their voting page and submitting your blog for consideration. Winners receive a trophy and different sponsor prizes. There were 23 winners of all different categories last year.

  1. WebAwards

Entries for WebAwards are submitted via their website in March. This is a competition for corporate blogs. Winners receive a custom trophy/certificate, a winner’s page, and a press release. Past winners have won with many different topics, including automobiles and theatre troupes.

Blogging has become a solid career choice in the field of writing, and entering competitions near you can help sharpen your skills and even gain publicity. Even though many competitions don’t have large cash prizes, building your resume with these victories is great for attracting money-making advertisers. Do research on competitions that apply best to your type of blog, and don’t be afraid to submit your work. You never know what may happen.


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