Tackle Summer Boredom in 7 Steps! (2 min read)


Tackle Summer Boredom in 7 Steps! (2 min read)

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Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Matthew Johnson

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Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

It’s finally summer, and with that comes a lot of free time. But how to efficiently use this time without staring at the walls for days?

1. Read!

Books are probably one of the best ways to spend you free time. You get to enjoy an amazing piece of literature, and passively your brain remembers some new words or phrases. Bonus points if you read it in your second or third language.

2. Write

Whether it’s a journal, a novella, or a fictional story, let the words flow. You’ll find so many inspiration from the places around you and expand your horizons. And if you out enough effort into what you write, you might even get it published! How awesome would be that?

3. Find a new hobby

This one might sound easy, but let’s put a twist onto it. Try something totally out of your comfort zone, or something you’d never imagine doing. Whether it be painting, drawing, sewing, or photography – go and explore! Who knows what this world has to offer?

4. Take a walk

This again sounds kind of obvious, but I want you to take a few things into consideration when taking a walk. Leave you phone behind to be able to fully enjoy the surroundings. Observe the people, watch the horizon – whatever you like!

5. Volounteer

Many shelters need volunteers to help them run the place. Not only is this a good deed but it might also look great on a college application. Isn’t this a win-win situation?

6. Meet with your friends

You probably meet with them on a regular basis, but it’d be nice to put a twist on these meetings. Try going to new places, talking in another language, or playing truth or dare. It can be so much more fun than you think!

7. Visit the beach!

Or the local pool. It’s summer, and it’s time to get the tan you always wanted. You can combine this with the activities mentioned earlier in order to get the most out of your time there!

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun and make memories. Summer’s the time to do the things you never have time for during the school year, so don’t waste it in front of the screen!

Article Credits: Matthew Johnson

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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Things to do when its really hot


Hi All

So given that’s its going to be 43 degrees (109 Fahrenheit) today for the second day in a row, I though I would give you some ideas of what to do when its extremely hot (or cold).

1. Paint your Nails

2. Write a blog post

3. Read a book you have always wanted to read

4. Catch up on some gaming (I personally love PS4 and PC games)

5. Invite some friends over for the day, hold a massive game board session.

6. Go to the local pool

7. Eat ice-cream – when its 43 degrees there is no excuse to not eat ice-cream 😉

8. Don’t go outside

9. Go for a walk at night time

10. Yoga in the air-conditioning

If you have any other ideas pop them in the comments below.

The Nail Chronicle

DIY Summer Clothing Inspiration – From Pintrest

DIY Summer Clothing Inspiration.png


DIY Summer Party Pintrest Ideas

DIY Summer Party Ideas.png00e77a754c1c750d0e51bd09d471c80e0c21fe93042878122718538b26e691540ecaccffa5f1f30d6f8e36f1e5770d211adc8473373628a551323dd26b659f522ced266f55d7ab3eea39bf32bcfb7bff2f2a4c9fc0fd986a4e69ac96cba33d002fd4931ae81835c30e12981b60a269ec4e67e4b9b6a147ea4c3ebb4462d343e95a87c7635d6e3749f8eece45252042ae5e862dbcb20bfa8221b5f5340c3f186a5ea044fb535a2bd33c890af5d87a1d465eeff8f064ff3536d835fc346b1006396d5acf14cbce5ad347dcc56c263bf56e7d7b12e945c3bec02248ce994e4b31957f058f228b501c06c3643c50a8998b2d8af920ec8d92b518ef46118f371a64b218c13c6fc303a31651fc51a75f2ed44123e4c5cd8fc2f1a91c65c512d0034c4030d453143e8a897eb0a3da73f6e3824e40b0522f864886e2b3c44ecaf9a1ed0456b684c657b691228a0a0000eb470f1866ab4be9a40a9788f48e20ea4719fdb380d67233ed8b36cbb4c9b4fa0ee1608582efdc5701699dab4ab2c79a1ce578c4 (1)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 (1)a68534db06b08d34faecb66c0ccd0adeaa982c744c0dd3a560cebee9a0be2ce8ab8b6a7339e0ccd8208212ffba2a56d7ac4f069beaaa9e8ad16c3e4650934f91bebfd2b260c181ed168c58140df8e079c0ba1d33669b8ceb82e1410f5344febec318788585c395ade95199df69252206cb9afa6018ae9b477c492c79da6ecd2bcb52b32abdc8e35b782bd67fca755e8ed9aa48811ef7a877770276d1a91f4164d9da827a184737450abac32796688c5dd9f486bfc09cc39bff58c2b329100e8bd322a0d862bc18f6aa2141f63b787113e9c0f0f6d4fa0d2de706033d00ede227eb19474fcc7062ca2a44b64ce9dbf609

Simple Beautiful GIFT WRAPPING Ideas – From Pintrest

Simple Beautiful Giftwrapping Ideas (1).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

Beat Anxiety and De-Stress with Spring Cleaning

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Get ready to de-stress to beat anxiety!

Some say that the common trait of successful people is they usually have smaller wardrobes. Maybe because they don’t spend much time fussing about what to wear because their wardrobe keeps everything simple. Applying the same theory to your homes and lifestyles, you could de-clutter and de-stress to avoid anxiety.

If you have many things in your house that you don’t really use or need, the following are the best ways to de-clutter to de-stress and avoid anxiety:

Donate Clothes, Toys and Unwanted Household Items

Having a garage sale is too much work for the amount of money it brings in, so just donate everything you don’t need to those who are in need instead. You can also forgo the stress of planning a garage sale. You get to de-stress, avoid anxiety, and help people in need.

Post Rarely Used Electronics or More Expensive Items Online

If you want to make some extra money, post items online. Take someone with you and meet in a public place. One of the good apps out there is Varage Sale. You get rid of unwanted clutter, de-stress, avoid anxiety and earn extra money. That will definitely put you up to a good mood.

Get Down To The Basics

Go through the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, and get rid of the things that you never or rarely use. Only keep the items that you need and get rid of anything extra. Just like going back to the small wardrobe theory, do you really need 20 coffee cups or 10 bottles of lotion? By giving away some to those in need, you get to de-clutter, de-stress, avoid anxiety, get more space for other things, and help others.

Eliminate Clutter

Less is definitely more. Having too many decorations or pictures throughout your home will just add stress because it makes more of a process to clean all of them. Eliminate clutter to de-stress and avoid anxiety.

Build It Into Your Schedule

Take a day off from work and hire a sitter so you can get everything done. It may not be easy but in the end it will definitely be worth it. You’re setting up your life for a more de-cluttered and easier to maintain home. So, you get to de-stress and avoid anxiety even after several months to come or until you pile up more new clutter in your life.

De-stress and avoid anxiety by de-cluttering your home. It will be a lot of work but you’ll reap the rewards soon enough. You’ll have less junk, more space, less pieces to clean, your house will feel like it’s almost brand new, and you get to de-stress and avoid anxiety in the long run.

The best part of it is having less cleaning time will give you more time to spend with your family. So, you also get to be happier, which will make you healthier mentally. There will be less need to de-stress in order to avoid anxiety. Start living the simple life.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist 

Spring Cleaning Checklist – http://wp.me/p6Wnjh-1Gh

Clean your home one room at a time with this helpful checklist.


  • Clean pantry, toss old and expired food
  • Clean refrigerator, wipe down drawers
  • Clean oven and microwave
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Reorganize drawers for easy access


  • Wash sheets and comforter
  • Clean out closets, donate old clothes to charity
  • Put away winter bedding
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs


  • Clean out medicine cabinet
  • Dispose of expired medicine
  • Scrub toilet, bath and shower
  • Wash mirrors and inside of windows
  • Clean out drawers, throw away old makeup
  • Wipe down countertops and fixtures

Whole Home

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs
  • Wash windows
  • Wipe down light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Dust furniture, electronics and ceiling corners
  • Change smoke alarm batteries
  • Dust bookshelves, donate books

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