FREE Vintage GOAL Planning Sheet – A Little Bit Of MOTIVATION


I suffer from depression and anxiety. I know for me this particular time of year that I always drop. I see everyone going outside and doing more because it’s summer enjoying their time, and I often beat myself up because I am not doing as much or my depression leaves me too tired to really enjoy the summer.

Often this leads to a massive drop in motivation and I do a lot less. I have lots of things I want to do but I just can’t find the get-up and go to do them.

I have however found that goal setting helps motivate me. You have to find things you really want to achieve and will be motivated to do and take little steps towards them.


Rach-the-Writer-Goal-Planner (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

To do this it is worth thinking about the top 5 values you have in your life. This may be things like achievement, family, health e.t.c. You can then come up with some short, long and mid term goals in these areas.


Each goal can be broken down into little more manageable steps and this helps me work towards something bigger and helps me feel like I am making progress towards the things I want to achieve in my life.

I have attached the FREE PDF I have created to help me set out and manage my goals. It works along side the SMART goals principle. The idea that for you to achieve a goal it must be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC AND TIME ORIENTATED.


  • The main goal column provides space for you to set a general goal.
  • The 2nd column allows you to specify exactly what you will need to do to achieve that goal and helps you break it into achievable realistic steps.
  • The 3rd column allows you to set a realistic time frame. One that applies some pressure to get the action step done, but not too much that it becomes un achievable.
  • The 4th column helps you visualize what your situation will look like when you have achieved the action step. It has been proven that visualization and seeing yourself achieve a goal can actually help with motivation and your ability to reach it. This column also provides you with a measurable outcome so you know when you have achieved your action step.
  • Finally review your goal setting planner regularly and mark off when you have achieved different action steps. Marking things off is satisfying and motivates you to do more!


Your short term goals planning sheet should be reviewed regularly as you near achieving your main goals.

Your mid-term goals should be reviewed every 6 months

And the progress you are making towards your long term goals should be reviewed every year.





I hope this has been helpful. I would be really interested to know what your goals are both short, long and mid term and how useful you have found my planning worksheet. Let me know in the comments below!


What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

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Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

Your content marketing strategy should be focused around your “why.” Why are you creating content?

Organizations typically use content marketing to build an audience and to achieve at least one of these profitable results: increased revenue, lower costs, or attract attention to a brand.

The starting point for any content marketing strategy is something called a ‘situation analysis’. This is basically a snapshot of your company. It should detail

  1. The services you offer
  2. What you offer that differentiates you from other brands
  3. Your target audience
  4. Your current position in the company
  5. Your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  6. Potential opportunities
  7. Potential threats and
  8. Your company’s aims for the immediate and long-term future

You then want to describe your company’s target audience. The best way to market to someone is to understand the way they think, what they like and what they want. Your target audience description should include:

  1. Are my customers conservative or innovative?
  2. Leaders or followers?
  3. Timid or aggressive?
  4. Traditional or modern?
  5. Introverted or extroverted?
  6. How often do they purchase what I offer?
  7. In what quantity?
  8. Where do they spend most of their time on the internet?
  9. What platforms are they using?

The next step is to set a marketing goal. This should detail:

  1. What you want customers to do
  2. How you want it to affect your statistics e.g. do you want a 20% increase in revenue generated from social media platforms?
  3. When do you want to achieve this goal by? Set a date!

Next, you want to figure out what marketing tactics you want to use. Use the information from your previous brainstorming to choose an ideal platform (s), frequency, type of content e.t.c.

Finally, you want to set a budget, a reasonable one within which you can do the content marketing outlined.

Are you stuck with how to go about doing this? Maybe you want to outsource the creation your content marketing material or want help coming up with a content marketing strategy? You can employ a content marketing professional to do this for you. Often, they will offer helpful services such as competitor analysis, keyword research, a SEO analysis of your site and an analysis of your target market’s browsing behaviors (the types of sites they are visiting and at what time of day).

Check out this link to get in contact with SEO Expert. The content marketing strategists that are sponsoring this post. See how they can help you. If you have any questions send SEO Expert a message!

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Top 5 Blogging Competitions in the World


Since the invention of the internet and world wide web in the 1990s, blogging has become a wildly popular online art form. Perhaps their appeal is due to the sheer possibilities – blogs can be about anything. Some use it as an online diary to discuss matters of a personal nature; others, a place to share knowledge about specific topics like nature or business. They can have a single author, multiple authors, or even be part of an organization’s website. Blogging may have started off as a hobby, but it’s become one of the many methods to turn a profit online. It’s simple: attracting readers attracts advertisers.

As blogging becomes an increasingly profitable pastime, it’s attracting tons of talented writers who put their skills to use for this specific purpose. It came as no surprise that blogging competitions began sprouting up all over the world. These contests attract hundreds of great bloggers all vying for the chance to win cash, other prizes, and notoriety. See here the top 5 blogging competitions in the world:

  1. UK Blog Awards

Entries for the UK Blog Awards are submitted in the fall (October/November). To enter, complete the entry form on the website. You will need to create an account, and entry is free. Prizes are recognition as the best blog in the UK, award images to display on your blog, the chance to write for your judges, and PR to market your blog. There were 36 winners in 2017 who entered in many different categories.

  1. The Saveur Blog Awards

Nominations are open in the summer (June/July). The entry page is on the website. The prize is the notoriety, and last year’s winner was Nevada Berg with a Norwegian food blog called North Wild Kitchen.

  1. The Irish Beauty Blog Awards

Entries to this competition are submitted to the Irish Beauty Blog Awards in the spring. Your prize for winning your category is recognition at a gala in Dublin and a plaque. Last year’s winners were 12 bloggers in various lifestyle/beauty categories such as design, make-up, nutrition, and fashion.

  1. BAKE Awards

Kenyan bloggers can submit their blogs from January to March. Submit by visiting their voting page and submitting your blog for consideration. Winners receive a trophy and different sponsor prizes. There were 23 winners of all different categories last year.

  1. WebAwards

Entries for WebAwards are submitted via their website in March. This is a competition for corporate blogs. Winners receive a custom trophy/certificate, a winner’s page, and a press release. Past winners have won with many different topics, including automobiles and theatre troupes.

Blogging has become a solid career choice in the field of writing, and entering competitions near you can help sharpen your skills and even gain publicity. Even though many competitions don’t have large cash prizes, building your resume with these victories is great for attracting money-making advertisers. Do research on competitions that apply best to your type of blog, and don’t be afraid to submit your work. You never know what may happen.

April Lane’s Daily Cleaning Checklist: Quick & Simple Tips For A Clean Home 

April Lane’s Daily Cleaning Checklist: Quick & Simple Tips For A Clean Home –

Most of us strive for clean home more often than not. But what’s the secret to having a clean home all the time? We’ve found that the easiest and best cleaning tips for constant cleanliness are small, consistent maintenance actions each day. Daily cleaning may sound like it will take a lot of time. However, we’ve come up with a quick, daily cleaning checklist for your Kirkland home to keep it clean while spending as little time as possible doing so.


Clear the Dishwasher:

Remove any clean dishes from the dishwasher to make room for dirty ones.

Clear Out and Wipe the Sink:

Move all the dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher and wipe down the sink with a sponge.

Wipe Countertops and Stovetop:

Stoves and counters usually take daily abuse. Use a damp sponge and some all-purpose cleaner to wipe up any spills, crumbs or splatters.

Keep an Eye For Problem Spots on the Floor:

For daily cleanup, skip the mop and save it for the weekends. Use the same sponge and all-purpose cleaner that you used for the counter and quickly scrub and wipe any obvious spots or stickiness on the floor.

Disinfect the Kitchen Sponge:

Get your sponge wet and put it in the microwave on high for 2 minutes zapping any living inside.


Bathroom Mirror:

Grab some glass cleaner and give the mirror a quick wipe. You don’t need to get its entirety, just focus on any foamy toothpaste splatters or other obvious spots.

Wipe Out The Sink:

Use that same glass cleaner for the mirror and spray down your sink. Wipe down the chrome and the porcelain with the same cloth or towel that you used for the mirror. Glass cleaner works great on chrome and won’t leave any streaks.

Clean the Shower Door or Curtain:

If your shower has doors,, use a squeegee or a dry towel to wipe down the water on the glass that can leave spots. If your shower doesn’t have a door, spray the curtain and liner with a disinfecting shower mist to reduce any mildew buildup or soap scum.


Give the seat and the rim a quick wipe using a disinfectant cloth. Take a brush and give the inside bowl a quick scrub to remove any visible ring if there is one.


Put Clothes Away:

If there’s any clothes on the bed, floor or chairs, quickly fold them and either put them away or in a dirty clothes hamper. Do your best to make a habit out of putting them away as soon as you take them off in the first place to make this part easier.

Make Your Bed:

You can straighten all the sheets or for an even faster job, just pull the comforter square on the bed and fluff the pillows, covering the messy sheets underneath.

Open the Curtains:

Open the curtains just to give some natural light to your bedroom during the day.

Tidy Up the Bedside Table:

Put away any items left on the nightstand such as books or water glasses.

Living Room

Clear the Clutter:

Take anything on the floor or the couch that isn’t supposed to be there and put it in its place. Toys, video games, or any other obvious items.

Spruce Up the Couch:

The sofa is usually the focal point of the room, so make sure it gets some attention. Fluff the pillows and fold any throws resting on it.

Scoop up Particles:

Take a quick tour of your living room and pick up any crumbs, dust bunnies or other particles with a handheld vacuum. If you don’t have one, you can use your hands or the suction tube on your regular vacuum cleaner. Check the couch, coffee table, and any visible sights on the rug.

Wipe Surfaces:

Use a microfiber cloth to dust any surfaces including the coffee table, shelves, and cabinets. If there’s any stickiness, moisten your cloth to remove the gunk.

Straighten the Coffee Table:

Take all the magazines, books and remote control and put them in one place on the coffee table, underneath, or in a drawer if possible.

Use this daily cleaning checklist to hit all the quick and easy spots in your home, saving you lots of time while helping to maintain a clean home. Sometimes you don’t even have the time or patience for quick daily cleaning duties, and we can understand. If that’s the case, April lane’s is a professional maid service serving Kirkland and the surrounding areas. If you need help cleaning your home, contact us, today, and see how we can keep your home sparkling while saving you time and energy.

7 Things To Do On A Sunday For A More Productive Week

7 Things To Do On A Sunday For A More Productive Week –

You know that horrible Sunday feeling?! You dread the fact that in the morning it will be Monday and you’ll be back off to school, work or any other commitments that you may have.

Well I think that if you make your Sunday a little more productive then your week won’t be half as bad as you think it will be.

1. Meal plan. Meal planning can help you in so many ways. It helps you when it comes to going shopping, it helps you to avoid the stress of deciding what to eat and it helps you have a balanced diet.

2. Create a weekly to do list. If you sit down at the start of the week and write out all the things you need to do, it can help you clear your head meaning that you’ll approach the new week already knowing exactly what you need to get done. It’s also a great feeling when you get to check something off your to-do list.

3. Reply to all e-mails. I know that replying to e-mails can be tedious but if you get it done just before the week starts then you don’t have to head through the week knowing that you have 100s of e-mails to reply to.

4. Have a big house clean. ‘A cluttered house is a cluttered mind’ or however the saying goes. Basically, just clean your house so that you can have a clean mind. Trying to think clearly when you’re surrounded by mess is impossible!

5. Clean out your bag. I swear, my boyfriend carries enough rubbish in his bag to fill 3 bin bags. I’m not sure how that can be helpful in any way at all. He is constantly asking me to help him find something in his bag because he can’t find it through all the receipts, empty packets and other random bits of paperwork. I have no idea why anyone would want to carry that around with them all the time.

6. Food prep. I always find it so helpful when there’s tupperware in the fridge, full of foods for me to just grab and eat. It’s great for if you’re in a rush!

7. Outfit plan. If you check the weather forecast and then plan your outfits for the week, you won’t find yourself stood in front of the wardrobe panicking because you’re not sure what to wear.

What do you do on a Sunday to have a more productive week?

6 Things To Do At The Beginning Of The Month 

6 Things To Do At The Beginning Of The Month –

It’s the first of September today! Oh my gosh, time is going by so fast.

I always try to see a new month as a new chapter in your life. It’s when you get to start certain stuff all over again. That’s why there’s a few things that I do at the start of every month to make the month roll as smoothly as possible.

1. Fill all important events, birthdays, days off and appointments into your calendar or diary. Seeing all of your events in one place can help you see how much free to that you have so that you can make sure you schedule some time for yourself.

2. Arrange dates with friends and family. I can’t imagine that anyone reading this doesn’t have anyone that they enjoy spending the day with from time to time. The start of a new month is a great time to make plans to go shopping, watch a movie or visit the spa.

3. Clean out your fridge and cupboards. Throwing away all that out of date foods or spices that you’ve had hidden away in the cupboards is such a good feeling! You can then have a really good clean in all the cupboards making them ready for new foods, which leads me on to point number 4..

4. Do a basic food shop. At the start of the month, it’s a good idea to do a shop to make sure that you have all the basics such as bread, milk, butter and teabags. It’s also a great chance to stock up the cupboards of any little bits that you have been wanting to try out.

5. Plan your budget. No one likes doing this but budgeting is so important. It’s a great chance to know how much you can spend that month.  It will make spending money a lot easier. You can just your budget to keep track of finances and then you won’t be shocked when you check the bank and see a smaller number than you expected.

6. Set a month goal. I find that setting a monthly goal is a great motivator to do something new that month. It pushes you a little high is what people need in life.

Is there something that you do each month to make your time run a little more smoother? If so, I would love to know what you do..

How to get your day started right! (3 min read)

How to get your day started right! (3 min read) –

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Stephanie Christie

Founder & Owner of: Making Time for Me

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Healthy Living Writer

1.)   Go to the gym, exercise and get it over with.  If you are anything like me, you may like working out or perhaps you just know that you should.  However, if I put it off until after work, the chance that I will have any desire to do it, is slim to none.  A few times a week, I set my alarm, that gets me up an hour and a half before my husband has to leave for work. This gives me enough time to get up, change, go to the gym and get home before he heads out.  Exercise gets the day started right, getting those endorphin’s moving through you and then….you are all done and it is out of the way for the day.

2.) Take some time for you.  Though every day I wake up when his alarm goes off (if I’m not up already).  I make a pot of coffee, while my laptop turns on.  When I come back to my room, I put something on the TV that is taped from the night before.  I spend about an hour on WordPress, either blogging or reading.  I watch one entire episode of something that I enjoy watching.  It helps me kick start my day.  Even if I can’t find any other time in the day for me, this one hour is all I need.  Two hours if I went to the gym and then did this when I got home, BONUS!!

3.) Breakfast, eat your breakfast.  Whether it is right when you wake up or 2 hours later, eat something.  Don’t have time to cook or throw your breakfast together in the morning? Grab a banana.  Super easy, cheap and filling!  Stop making excuses about this, because there really is no excuse to be made.  You can be pre-made.  You can put together breakfast burritos or breakfast sandwiches beforehand, or oatmeal.  The easiest and quickest solution, doesn’t have to be the Fast Food drive through!

4.) Listen to something that gets you pumped.  Whether it is sports radio, a tv talk show or Classic Rock.  When I listen to things that I love, I get a smile on my face and it gets my brain working!!  It sets me in a good mood, whether it is lyrics I have heard a million times or a thought provoking conversation that may give me an idea for a blog.

5.)  Have an attitude of gratitude.  Every day I write down 3 things that I am grateful for in my planner.  There is a special spot on my planner for notes and brainstorming.  Everyday, I write the day of the week and the things that I was thankful for from the day before.  For instance on Monday I write down Weekend: Kids, Relaxing and Health.  Then on Monday I write: Gym, Blogging, Coffee!!  Or just whatever, it can be super simple, but remembering each day that there are things to be thankful for is HUGE.

Article Credits: Stephanie Christie

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Beauty, Book, Travel Bloggers & More)