DIY Summer Clothing Inspiration – From Pintrest

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DIY Summer Party Pintrest Ideas

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Simple Beautiful GIFT WRAPPING Ideas – From Pintrest

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DIY 39: positive thoughts in a jar 

DIY 39: positive thoughts in a jar –

Hey pixels!! First day of 2017; did you had fun yesterday? I hope so, my happy pixels. The last day of the year is always special. It’s when we remember how time flies; and when we make a list of  New Year Resolutions.

But, we really complete our resolutions list or we forget it? This is why I’m proposing this DIY, my happy pixels. It’s all about positive thinking and happiness. We, people, tend to remember better all the times when we do something wrong or when we are unhappy. But we tend to forget all the good things that happens to us every day. I  want to change the game with this DIY.

How about this? If the last day of December you could read about all your best moments of the year, and remember all that happy events and thoughts you’ve had, I’m sure you would feel much better. Well, you can do it easily with this DIY. Keep reading, please!!

You’ll need:

How it works:

It can’t be easier, my happy pixels!! Just remember: when something special happens, or after a good day/moment, write it down on one of the cards. Store the card in the box/mason jar.

This way you’ll be keeping all this precious moments. Next first day of January, open the box/mason jar and read all the papers. You’ll be amazed remembering all the beautiful things that happened to you during 2017.

What do you think about this DIY, my happy pixels? Are you going to make it? Please, let me know in the comments below.

How to do a life audit

How to do a life audit –

If you’re like me, there are times when your plate feels a bit too full. There are times when you’re overscheduled and overwhelmed, but you don’t believe you’ve accomplishing much. I decided I needed to conduct a Life Audit. And you can too! Here’s how to do a Life Audit and why it’s helpful.

We all have days when we work too hard on the wrong things, but we have to make sure that those days don’t turn into weeks, months, or even years. A Life Audit will leave you with the clarity you need to prioritize.


Quality advice will not be helpful if you don’t know your personal mission. What is your why? What is your vision? If you’re not clear on your personal mission, it will be hard for you to conduct your Life Audit. Define your personal mission and write down your goals on paper.

A personal mission statement will help you articulate your values and beliefs, determine your personal definition of success, and share your talent with the world.


What’s currently on your plate? Make a master list of everything in your life that’s taking up time. Consider your full-time job, side hustle, relationships, community involvement, social media, and whatever else you spend time on.

 After you’ve completed this task, compare this list to your mission statement and identify points of congruence between the two. Analyze the incongruence because you may be able to eliminate some of the time you spend on these activities.

Ask yourself:

  • How is this helping me achieve my mission?

  • Do I enjoy it?

  • What am I gaining by having this on my plate? Could I achieve the same benefits another way?

  • What would I lose by taking this off my plate? Do those things play a large role in achieving my mission?

  • Is this using up other resources  that could be useful in helping me accomplish my why? (For example, do you need extra money to fund the beginning stages of a side hustle that helps you accomplish your mission? Are you finding it hard to find time to sit down and write your book because you’re giving three hours of your week to something you feel “meh” about? It could be good to push this stuff off your plate now in order to fulfill your larger mission.)

  • If I weren’t already involved with this, would I sign up for it now? (If the answer is no, then that’s an easy thing to cross off your list.)

  • Is this helping me to fulfill the basic needs of life? (For instance, my workouts are pretty expensive, but my health is critically important. I can research less expensive options, but I shouldn’t give up fitness altogether.)

As you answer the questions, always keep your mission statement in mind.

 Use the Stoplight Method if You Need Guidance:

 RED: STOP! These are things that you should say no to at this time.

YELLOW: Slow Down! – You can still be involved, but maybe tone it back a bit. This is a commitment that you can redesign.

 GREEN: GO! – This is mission-congruent and a life must-have.


Take a look at what’s left on your list. If your new list seems more manageable and the points will help you lead to your mission statement, then you’ve had a successful life audit. If not, rinse and repeat. You may find gaps during your life audit that could allow you to add new opportunities that are aligned with your goals.

Your personal mission statement allows you to focus. As new opportunities come your way, you can run them through your mission filter. Schedule recurring “me” time  to conduct a Life Audit. Reexamine and rework your mission as needed, put everything in front of you, and commit to the things that will help you achieve your personal definition of success.

DIY Spring Table Runner 

DIY Spring Table Runner –

During my last trip to IKEA, not only did I pick up a great cabinet for organizing my craft room, but I found tons of great and inexpensive items just dying to be decorated.

One of the many great things I found was the MARIT table runner in beige. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the best way to decorate it for spring.

I wanted to do floral/leaves/birds and spent a lot of time surfing the Silhouette Design store for some patterns I liked. I ended up settling on a leafy border for each end and a floral design for the center. Patterns here & here. I also went back and forth on whether to do use freezer paper or HTV. Since the material was more rustic, I thought fabric paint would look better, so I went with freezer paper stenciling.

To do this yourself you will need:

  • Silhouette Cameo
  • 12″x12″ cutting mat (either a light-hold mat or one that is less sticky)
  • Freezer Paper
  • Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
  • Sponge brush & smaller paint brush
  • Other tools: scissors, hook tool, tweezers
  • Patience 🙂

After I chose and sized my designs, I cut the stencils one at a time out using the freezer paper. I used the Vellum setting on the Silhouette (Blade 1, Speed 6, Thickness 19). I cut with the shiny side down on the mat. Note, my blade is pretty new and very sharp, I recommend a test cut before you cut the full design.

After cutting, I weeded out the areas that will eventually get painted. The border design was relatively simple and only had one piece to iron on. The center design was much more complicated.

I’ll start with the end designs first. After removing the interior piece, I carefully peeled up the remaining stencil from the mat. The reason its good to use a light-hold mat is because the stencil will come up more easily.

To prepare the fabric, be sure to first put a piece of cardboard under the area to be painted. Carefully smooth out the stencil, shiny side down, over the area and make sure its positioned where you want it. After heating the iron, I find for a larger stencil its easier to first tack each corner to make sure its positioned correctly. After that, carefully apply heat with an iron to adhere each piece of the stencil to the fabric. Once all the pieces are down, go back one more time with the heat and make sure the corners and edges are all carefully adhered to the fabric. Try to avoid swiping the iron across the stencil as it may displace the edges.

Using the fabric paint, I mixed a bright green with some white, and a sponge brush, dab paint over the stencil. Be careful to not apply too much paint to the edges and do not swipe the brush across the stencil as it may cause it to peel off the fabric.

After application, you can either wait for for the paint to dry or peel the the stencil off right away. I find the tweezers are handy here to get small pieces out of the pattern.

The same method generally applies for the more complicated design, but I have a few tips since the stencil is not all one piece. For the design, I applied the outer piece of the stencil first. I kept the individual pieces on the silhouette mat and used the mat to help align the remaining pieces. I carefully peeled each piece of the mat and adhered one by one.

For the center design, I used multiple colors and the same application method as for the border. The small paint brush is also helpful for touching up areas that didn’t get enough paint or overlapped.

All-in-all, I love the final product. It was definitely a lot of hard work and I do not recommend this project as your first time using freezer paper stencils, but it was my second major project with freezer paper and it came out great :).

Happy Crafting!

Apple Roses 

Apple Roses –

Happy LOVE day! I hope you are taking the time to celebrate everything and everyone you get to love in your life today – including yourself. 🙂

There are a number of different ways to celebrate love. Thankfully, most of them are edible. Here’s a quick video tutorial showing you how to make a beautiful and delicious bouquet of roses out of one of the world’s absolute best foods: the apple.

Check it out and give it a try. Let us know your favorite way to serve it (with banana ice cream, baked into a pie, or with just a sprinkle of brown sugar on top…) in the comments below.

For more videos like this (including a tutorial on how to make healthy raw cherry chocolate truffles) hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel or follow along on our Facebook page.

Lots of love! xox