DIY Summer Party Pintrest Ideas

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Simple Beautiful GIFT WRAPPING Ideas – From Pintrest

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Spring Cleaning Checklist 

Spring Cleaning Checklist –

Clean your home one room at a time with this helpful checklist.


  • Clean pantry, toss old and expired food
  • Clean refrigerator, wipe down drawers
  • Clean oven and microwave
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Reorganize drawers for easy access


  • Wash sheets and comforter
  • Clean out closets, donate old clothes to charity
  • Put away winter bedding
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs


  • Clean out medicine cabinet
  • Dispose of expired medicine
  • Scrub toilet, bath and shower
  • Wash mirrors and inside of windows
  • Clean out drawers, throw away old makeup
  • Wipe down countertops and fixtures

Whole Home

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs
  • Wash windows
  • Wipe down light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Dust furniture, electronics and ceiling corners
  • Change smoke alarm batteries
  • Dust bookshelves, donate books

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April Lane’s Daily Cleaning Checklist: Quick & Simple Tips For A Clean Home 

April Lane’s Daily Cleaning Checklist: Quick & Simple Tips For A Clean Home –

Most of us strive for clean home more often than not. But what’s the secret to having a clean home all the time? We’ve found that the easiest and best cleaning tips for constant cleanliness are small, consistent maintenance actions each day. Daily cleaning may sound like it will take a lot of time. However, we’ve come up with a quick, daily cleaning checklist for your Kirkland home to keep it clean while spending as little time as possible doing so.


Clear the Dishwasher:

Remove any clean dishes from the dishwasher to make room for dirty ones.

Clear Out and Wipe the Sink:

Move all the dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher and wipe down the sink with a sponge.

Wipe Countertops and Stovetop:

Stoves and counters usually take daily abuse. Use a damp sponge and some all-purpose cleaner to wipe up any spills, crumbs or splatters.

Keep an Eye For Problem Spots on the Floor:

For daily cleanup, skip the mop and save it for the weekends. Use the same sponge and all-purpose cleaner that you used for the counter and quickly scrub and wipe any obvious spots or stickiness on the floor.

Disinfect the Kitchen Sponge:

Get your sponge wet and put it in the microwave on high for 2 minutes zapping any living inside.


Bathroom Mirror:

Grab some glass cleaner and give the mirror a quick wipe. You don’t need to get its entirety, just focus on any foamy toothpaste splatters or other obvious spots.

Wipe Out The Sink:

Use that same glass cleaner for the mirror and spray down your sink. Wipe down the chrome and the porcelain with the same cloth or towel that you used for the mirror. Glass cleaner works great on chrome and won’t leave any streaks.

Clean the Shower Door or Curtain:

If your shower has doors,, use a squeegee or a dry towel to wipe down the water on the glass that can leave spots. If your shower doesn’t have a door, spray the curtain and liner with a disinfecting shower mist to reduce any mildew buildup or soap scum.


Give the seat and the rim a quick wipe using a disinfectant cloth. Take a brush and give the inside bowl a quick scrub to remove any visible ring if there is one.


Put Clothes Away:

If there’s any clothes on the bed, floor or chairs, quickly fold them and either put them away or in a dirty clothes hamper. Do your best to make a habit out of putting them away as soon as you take them off in the first place to make this part easier.

Make Your Bed:

You can straighten all the sheets or for an even faster job, just pull the comforter square on the bed and fluff the pillows, covering the messy sheets underneath.

Open the Curtains:

Open the curtains just to give some natural light to your bedroom during the day.

Tidy Up the Bedside Table:

Put away any items left on the nightstand such as books or water glasses.

Living Room

Clear the Clutter:

Take anything on the floor or the couch that isn’t supposed to be there and put it in its place. Toys, video games, or any other obvious items.

Spruce Up the Couch:

The sofa is usually the focal point of the room, so make sure it gets some attention. Fluff the pillows and fold any throws resting on it.

Scoop up Particles:

Take a quick tour of your living room and pick up any crumbs, dust bunnies or other particles with a handheld vacuum. If you don’t have one, you can use your hands or the suction tube on your regular vacuum cleaner. Check the couch, coffee table, and any visible sights on the rug.

Wipe Surfaces:

Use a microfiber cloth to dust any surfaces including the coffee table, shelves, and cabinets. If there’s any stickiness, moisten your cloth to remove the gunk.

Straighten the Coffee Table:

Take all the magazines, books and remote control and put them in one place on the coffee table, underneath, or in a drawer if possible.

Use this daily cleaning checklist to hit all the quick and easy spots in your home, saving you lots of time while helping to maintain a clean home. Sometimes you don’t even have the time or patience for quick daily cleaning duties, and we can understand. If that’s the case, April lane’s is a professional maid service serving Kirkland and the surrounding areas. If you need help cleaning your home, contact us, today, and see how we can keep your home sparkling while saving you time and energy.

Harry Potter Free Party Printables + Food & Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Recipes 

Harry Potter Free Party Printables + Food & Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Recipes –

Dear Finley, 

I hope some day you read this and watch/read the entire Harry Potter series. I also hope someday all this is extremely useful to you.

Love Momma


A year ago had the opportunity to totally nerd out on my best friend’s bachelorette party with a Harry Potter theme, and it couldn’t have turned out any better. For some reason I went head first into this as a designer and kept coming out with idea after idea. I had so much fun designing all of it. Here’s the part I can use these decor ideas over and over again for all kinds of Harry Potter themed parties, and so can you!


Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Dubble sided tape to apply the labels to bottles, cups and containers.
  • Scissors


All links on the supplies are directed to – every purchase will donate money to your charity of choice.

(Click Here) to download the ButterBeer labels

Butterbeer Recipe (Alcoholic)

Use an 8 oz. (Cut Recipe in half for 8 oz.) to 16 oz. Mason Jar or a 12 oz. – 16 oz. Beer Mug.

  • One glass bottle of cream soda, this was mostly used for visual effect
  • Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum
  • Tbsp of vanilla ice cream – mix into the soda and rum until it looks creamy (careful it will fizz up, mix slowly)
  • Butterscotch Sauce (Drizzle around the sides of the glass before pouring and then drizzle on top)
  • Whip Cream for Topping

There are hardly any measurements we just simply poured each in to our liking. Some wanted more rum, some needed more rum.

Butterbeer (Non-Alcoholic) 

Use an 8 oz. (Cut Recipe in half for 8 oz.) to 16 oz. Mason Jar or a 12 oz. – 16 oz. Beer Mug.

  • One glass bottle of cream soda, this was mostly used for visual effect
  • Tbsp of vanilla ice cream – mix into the soda until it looks creamy (careful it will fizz up, mix slowly)
  • Butterscotch Sauce (Drizzle around the sides of the glass before pouring and then drizzle on top)
  • Whip Cream for Topping


(Click Here) to download the Mandrake Roots and Flobber Worms labels

Mandrake Roots – Use a savory or sweet party mix. Example: Snack Mix or Nut Mix.

Drunken Flobber Worms (Alcoholic) – Soak gummy worms in vodka over night serve in a shot glass or in a mason jar. Can also add them to any of your mixed drinks.


(Click Here) to download the Salamander Blood, Horklump Juice, etc. labels

Salamander Blood Recipe (Alcoholic)

Red wine works great for this or you can use the Bloody Mary recipe below

Mix all together. For visual effect add pomegranate seeds to the drink.

Salamander Blood Recipe (Non-Alcoholic)

Fruit Punch or Cranberry Juice works great for this or you can use the juice recipe below.

Mix all together. For visual effect add pomegranate seeds to the drink.


Horklump Juice Recipe (Alcoholic) 

The tastiest savory drink thus far! You will need Fried Mushrooms for this one, make yourself or purchase frozen. If you’re gluten-free I would highly recommend using balsamic/garlic marinated baked mushrooms.

Mix all together until liquid is smooth. Place speared mushrooms on top.


Lethe River Water (Alcoholic)

Serve in an 16 oz. Mason Jar

Lethe River Water (Non-Alcoholic)

Serve in an 8 oz. Mason Jar.

  • Scoop of Lime Sherbet ice cream
  • Fill with Ginger soda
  • Throw in some Flobber Worms!


Draught of Peace (Non-Alcoholic) – Fill a 20 oz or higher glass bottle or jar

Lavender is not mandatory but the aroma does help with stress. If you don’t have lavender, blueberries are an excellent substitution.


(Click Here) to download the Gillywater, Amortentia, etc. labels

Amortentia Recipe (Alcoholic)

Amortentia Recipe (Non – Alcoholic)


Gilly Water Recipe (Alcoholic) 

  • Splash of Blue Curacao
  • Splash of Coconut Rum
  • Splash Orange Liqueur
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Squeeze of a lime wedge

Add swedish fish or blueberries.

Gilly Water Recipe (Non – Alcoholic) 


Place the small potion labels on little sample liquor bottles or for no-alcoholic parties use them on Little Hug Juice Barrels.


(Click Here) to download the Ministry of Magic “This Way” sign

(Click Here) to download the 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express sign



How’s spring cleaning going, guys? I’m sure with all the warmer weather and spring showers you’re likely to feel put-upon by your chores, and I get it! I’m hopeful these checklists are still helpful to you as you tidy up everything around your house so you can really dig in and enjoy the warmer months ahead. This list is all about a place a lot of us love: our bedrooms. This isn’t an easy place to purge and organize, but it’s easily the most important, so let’s get to it!

  • Strip your bedding and wash / dry clean thoroughly
  • Remove everything from under your bed, organize, purge, and replace as appropriate
  • Remove everything from your nightstands, clean thoroughly, and replace
  • Remove everything from your dresser, clean thoroughly, and replace what is necessary
  • Remove everything from your jewelry armoire / desk / sitting area / wardrobe, clean thoroughly, and replace
  • Vaccuum the floors and blinds
  • Clean the windows and windowsills
  • Wash your curtains and replace them
  • Dust all fans, lamps, and decor items
  • Replace any lightbulbs and stock up on new ones
  • Clean any rugs and replace as necessary
  • Thoroughly clean your baseboards and crown molding
  • Spritz linen spray on your bedding and light a few candles to keep the room fresh
  • Swap out outdated pictures with new ones
  • Purchase a few plants and place them strategically in your bedroom (I love orchids and succulents!)

Keep your head up and your gloves on – we’re almost done with our spring cleaning extravaganza!


7 Things To Do On A Sunday For A More Productive Week

7 Things To Do On A Sunday For A More Productive Week –

You know that horrible Sunday feeling?! You dread the fact that in the morning it will be Monday and you’ll be back off to school, work or any other commitments that you may have.

Well I think that if you make your Sunday a little more productive then your week won’t be half as bad as you think it will be.

1. Meal plan. Meal planning can help you in so many ways. It helps you when it comes to going shopping, it helps you to avoid the stress of deciding what to eat and it helps you have a balanced diet.

2. Create a weekly to do list. If you sit down at the start of the week and write out all the things you need to do, it can help you clear your head meaning that you’ll approach the new week already knowing exactly what you need to get done. It’s also a great feeling when you get to check something off your to-do list.

3. Reply to all e-mails. I know that replying to e-mails can be tedious but if you get it done just before the week starts then you don’t have to head through the week knowing that you have 100s of e-mails to reply to.

4. Have a big house clean. ‘A cluttered house is a cluttered mind’ or however the saying goes. Basically, just clean your house so that you can have a clean mind. Trying to think clearly when you’re surrounded by mess is impossible!

5. Clean out your bag. I swear, my boyfriend carries enough rubbish in his bag to fill 3 bin bags. I’m not sure how that can be helpful in any way at all. He is constantly asking me to help him find something in his bag because he can’t find it through all the receipts, empty packets and other random bits of paperwork. I have no idea why anyone would want to carry that around with them all the time.

6. Food prep. I always find it so helpful when there’s tupperware in the fridge, full of foods for me to just grab and eat. It’s great for if you’re in a rush!

7. Outfit plan. If you check the weather forecast and then plan your outfits for the week, you won’t find yourself stood in front of the wardrobe panicking because you’re not sure what to wear.

What do you do on a Sunday to have a more productive week?