My FIRST Fashion Show – NEC Moda Fashion


So, how does one even describe their first fashion show?

Beautiful. Exciting. Networking. Eye Openings….. The possibilities for description are endless…

As an emerging blogger this was my first time at a professional event.

I attended armed with my phone ready to take pictures and having gone through my postal pack with catalogues containing new season designs. The event I attended was Moda Fashion Weekend at the NEC. The date: 19 – 21 Feb 2017.

Due to time limitations. I mainly attended the lingerer catwalk, took pictures and took a walk around all the stands , which was a lot!

My Highlights!

-Being asked for my contact details at one of the stands and to contact them about marketing.

-The amazing experience of a choreographed catwalk. The music, the professionalism and special effects were astounding.

-Sitting in the front row with the photographers.


-My first PRESS lanyard

-Getting all dressed up and being amongst people who had made a tremendous effort to look good and well fashioned as a retail / fashion professional.

Things I Learnt  / Would do differently next time

-Always ask before you take photos of products – some people want you too (it’s brilliant promotion), some people don’t (The images on their products may be copyrighted, their products may not be out for the public reveal yet e.t.c).

-Invest in a good camera. My phone performed well, but given all the lighting changes involved at a fashion show. However, investing in a DSLR that I can adjust the setting (exposure, shutter speed, depth of field e.t.c) would be a great idea.

-Make and take business cards and hand them out. If I had gone more prepared with business cards I could have enhanced my networking capabilities and potentially landed more jobs from the event.

-Take a pen and paper and take note of your favourite pieces on the catwalk so you can remember them when typing up your account of the event or when you want to refer back to them.

-Plan ahead. Look at the catwalk scheduled and plan which location you need to be in at what time to see the collections you want to. Then on the day you can see more and don’t have to worry so much about timings.


Take a look at my pictures for the event and leave comments below! 🙂

Dinosaur Texture Play

Bundle (4-year-old daughter) loves dinosaurs. We’ve done dinosaur unit studies, activities and field trips at a fairly solid rate for almost two years! I have to admit, I’ve learned way more about them through teaching her than I ever thought I would. 😀

via Dinosaur Texture Play — a fresh brewed faith


6 Excellent Ways to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

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How do you get rid of sciatic nerve pain naturally?

  • Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Heating Pads
  • More Activity
  • Reduce Inflammation

There are remedies for back pain that treat sciatica nerve pain and improve spine health. Here are 6 natural treatments.

If you have woken up feeling extreme pain from your upper thighs to your feet or if you deal with intense lower back pain that spreads downward and no matter what you try it just won’t go away, you could be dealing with sciatica nerve pain. It causes painful throbbing in the lower back and limbs.

It all starts in the lower spine and can come and go. Once you begin to deal with sciatica nerve pain, you’ll be dealing with a whole lot of discomfort that will quickly ruin your day. But, there’s good news. There are remedies for back pain that treat sciatica nerve pain and improve spine health. Here are 6 natural treatments for sciatica nerve pain: 

1. Chiropractor Spinal Adjustments

A chiropractor can work with you to realign your spinal discs and prevent protrusion into the canal that targets the underlying source of pain. One study from the Official Journal of the North American Spinal Society found that those who suffered from sciatica nerve pain and received chiropractic adjustments experienced less local pain.

They also had fewer days with pain, and even fewer cases of moderate or severe pain compared to those who didn’t receive chiropractic adjustments.


2. Yoga and Stretching

Certain movements can aggravate sciatica nerve pain, but in some cases it can actually help to relieve pain. For some people, sitting or standing for a long time and then moving around suddenly tends to trigger pain. Scrunching or shortening the spine tends to make pain worse like raising the legs up, bringing the knees toward the chest or squatting.

On the other hand, lengthening the spine through stretching, yoga, or lying down can help you develop a good posture while reducing stiffness, inflammation, and pain.

Studies have shown that yoga is safe and effective for people with sciatica nerve pain. The most important movements for preventing sciatica nerve pain target the back, building strength, and relaxing the stiff areas. Exercises that prevent lower back pain and strengthen the core are used even in rehabilitation settings for sciatica nerve pain patients after surgery.

3. Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine based on achieving or maintaining better health by opening the body’s natural flow of energy. The practice uses tiny and practically pain-free needles to target specific pathways in the body. FDA has approved it as a treatment for back pain. It is even supported by different studies for relieving chronic pain of all kinds, including sciatica nerve pain.

Rolfing and massage therapy are other two nonsurgical, holistic approaches that open muscles, tissues and channels of energy within the body, which improves blood flow and fight pain. Massage therapy is linked with a reduction in back pain, muscle relaxation, and even healthy releases of endorphins that act like pain relievers.#

4. Get Moving

Being stuck in the same position for many hours can make things worse when it comes to bulging discs and back pain. Most treatment plans suggest more movement in general, together with targeted exercises to loosen up inflamed areas. Include some stretches or light isometric exercises in your daily routine.

It can help relieve pain in the spine of legs while improving strength. When your symptoms come back or worsen, you can practice some stretches and exercises at home without having to visit your doctor.

Start by alternating periods of sitting/lying down with short walks. Make it your goal to take more steps every day. Get a pedometer or fitness tracker to get you motivated to be more active and increase your walking distance. When you’re at home, work on lengthening your spine by improving your posture.

5. Use Heating Pads

Most people find relief by using heating pads set on a low or medium setting placed on the lower back for around 15 to 20 minutes every day. Try doing this several times a day while at work or when you’re home. A similar approach is taking warm baths because heat loosens up tight muscles and helps increase circulation. Try to get a reusable heating pad that requires hot water or to be plugged in.

Heat is usually used to dull pain but the opposite works for some people. Some prefer applying an ice pack to the back for 10 to 15 minutes every two to three hours. If pain remains, doctors usually recommend taking an over-the-counter painkiller when symptoms get bad, like Ibuprofen or Advil.

6. Reduce Inflammation

About 5 to 10 percent of all patients with low back pain have sciatica, but there are a few personal and occupational risk factors that increase the odds for developing sciatica nerve pain. These factors are older age, being tall, high levels of mental stress, being overweight or obese, sitting for long periods, smoking, and high amounts of exposure to vibration from vehicles.

Most of these risk factors cause inflammation and makes it harder to heal from injuries and even increases pain. To fight inflammation and improve your odds of feeling better more quickly, eat nutrient-dense healing diet, avoid smoking and recreational drugs, get exercise, and get good sleep. Reducing inflammation may even prevent cancer.

Having back pain is something most people deal with at one point or another in their lives, and usually it’s in the form of sciatica nerve pain. Herniated spinal discs and inflammation are the biggest reasons for sciatica nerve pain. The best thing that you can do is to start stretching and move your back muscles to prevent this painful condition. If symptoms persist or worsen consult your doctor.

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Tight Hamstrings? Here are 4 “Get Loose” Stretching Exercises

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If you have tight hamstrings, there’s a fix. Here’s 4 of the best stretching exercises you can use to get loose.

Most people have something else going on and all that stretching exercise for tight hamstrings can only make situations worse. You may believe it or not, but the prescription for successfully dealing with tight hamstrings does not involve any hamstring stretching exercise at all.

Tight Hamstrings Anatomy

The muscles of your thigh are composed of your quadriceps and hamstrings. They both work together to stabilize your hips and knees. The quad muscles in the front are larger, more frequently used, and a more dominant muscle group. Your hamstrings in the back are smaller and weak compared to the quads which makes it more prone to injury.

You have three hamstring muscles. They connect at the top end at the back of your pelvis near your sit bones. Then they go their separate ways and connect on either side of your knee. Strong hamstring muscles give protection for the ligaments in the knee joint and keep them from getting stressed out.

Sitting for large portions of the day or spending a lot of time in hip flexion will make your quads and hip flexors get tight from being in a shortened position. This causes the muscles at the front of your hips and thighs to pull on the front of your pelvis tipping it slightly down and forward.

And because something’s gotta give, it pulls on the top of your hamstrings that create a tug of war situation in your pelvis. Your hamstrings being the smaller and weaker muscle group usually lose the battle and results to being overstretched and you get to feel tight hamstrings.

Short hamstrings are not the common cause of that nagging feeling of tight hamstrings the culprit is most likely the combination of short quads and overstretched tight hamstrings. Hamstring stretching exercise may feel good at the time but it may only be giving you the illusion of more space.

This is the reason why chronic high hamstring strains are commonly reoccurring issue among those who complain of tight hamstrings. The more you stretch them, the looser and weaker they become. The more you do those stretching exercise, the more it worsens.

Stretching Exercise Solutions

The best way to deal with tight hamstrings is to add mobility exercise that will loosen up your quads and target strengthening your hamstring. You can do this with Foam Roll. Get your trusty foam roller and roll out your quads for 2-3 minutes. Get deeper into the tissue by rolling each quad separately.

Stretch Your Quads by doing two stretching exercise:

  • Kneeling Quad Stretch. Go to a half kneeling position with your right knee on the floor under your hips and put your left foot on the floor in front of you. Use your right hand to grab your right foot or ankle to pull it closer to your hips. Sink into the stretch.
  • Prone Quad Stretch. Lie on your tummy with your right elbow under your right shoulder and your forearm should be parallel to your chest. Bend your left knee and reach back with your left hand to hold your left foot. Press your pubic bone down toward the floor as you pull your foot closer to your left hip. Keep your left knee in position while pointing straight behind you.

Strengthen Your Tight Hamstrings by doing two exercise moves:

  • Good Mornings. While standing, place your feet between hip and shoulder width distance apart. Interlace your hands behind your head and keep your elbows out wide. Brace your core and push your hips back until your torso is just a bit above parallel. Push your hips forward to return to standing. Once you start getting good at this exercise, you can even add a dumbbell at your chest, a barbell behind your neck, or a long resistance band under your feet and around the back of your neck.
  • Stability Ball Leg Curls. Have yourself laid on the floor with your palms down beside your hips. Put your feet on top of the stability ball with your legs extended. Bend your knees and dig your heels into the ball to roll it toward you. Extend your legs to roll the ball back out. Keep your hips lifted throughout the movement. To take it up a notch, do one leg at a time with the other leg extended up toward the ceiling.

Now that you’ve learned that stretching exercise is not good for your tight hamstrings and that there are better exercise moves that are more appropriate for dealing with tight hamstrings, you are closer to getting that much needed comfort in your hamstrings. Just be diligent in doing the mentioned moves and stretches and don’t overdo it. It is always recommended to talk to a doctor.

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7 Period Tracker Apps for Your Next Menstrual Cycle

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In a world where there are apps for everything, there’s actually one that’s very helpful for women. Period tracker apps actually do exist to track your menstrual cycle and your fertility. These apps can give you a heads up on when your period will arrive so you’ll be ready for it.

Here are seven of the best period tracker apps on the market today that track more than just your menstrual cycle.

1. Virtual Nurse for Birth Control

The nurse in this app is called Alice. Developed by Harvard Medical School, this can answer your questions either via text or voice command just like Siri. If you pay for the full version, you can ask just about anything about sexual health. Alice can even give you advice on what type of birth control to use.

 2. Spot On Period Tracker

This app is designed by Planned Parenthood and lets you monitor your menstrual cycle as well as your birth control and overall sexual health. This is one of the period tracker apps that do more than just keep track of your menstrual cycle you can also keep track of how you feel during, before, and after your period.

There are options such as cramps, nausea, and tender breasts. This also summarizes your personal insights so you can have an overall look at your period. There are widgets that describe your period symptoms and cycle dates, and the layout is aesthetically pleasing.

3. Monthly Gift

This period tracker predicts your menstrual cycle and even sends you a monthly bag full of goodies to help you get through your period. The little black box consists of assorted tampons, pads, liners, and a bonus bar of chocolate! This is definitely the best of all period tracker apps out there for all the chocolate and gift lovers. Who doesn’t want to feel special, right?

4. Clue Menstrual Cycle

This is the most aesthetically pleasing of all the period tracker apps out there. It’s not too pink and the icons and fonts are great. It’s also clean, simple, and very user friendly. Aside from keeping track of your menstrual cycle, you can also track your fertility. It also features a fluid tracker to help you determine when you’ll be most fertile. It will remind you of your period two days before it arrives.

5. P Tracker, a.k.a., Period Tracker

This is the goal of period tracker apps. It’s not as simple to use like the others but once you figure the app out, you will have an in-depth analysis of your menstrual cycle. There are options where you can add your own symptoms to the already long list of usual menstruation side effects. It also has a thorough fertility tracking aspect where you can even track your temperature and fluids. You can also type in whatever you want to say as your reminder.

6. Life

This is the jack-of-all-trades of period tracker apps. Aside from its major function of tracking and predicting your menstrual cycle, it helps you keep track of life. You can use it to monitor your nutrition, fertility, fitness, and sleep. Those are premium features though, but there are no ads, you don’t have to sign up with your email, and it’s easy on the eyes too.

7. Glow

This app won the 2014 Webby award for Best Health & Fitness App, and it actually makes tracking and predicting your menstrual cycle very easy. It’s also an efficient tracker for your ovulation and fertility. It even keeps you up-to-date with reminders for birth control and other medications.

If you upgrade to premium, you’ll get connected to the community of other Glow users so you can ask your personal questions. You can even sync it with your Apple Watch and Fitbit, and with apps like Jawbone, MyFitnessPal, and Misfit. It will make it easier for you to keep all your fitness data in one place. This is one of the most useful period tracker apps in the market today.

Need More Menstrual Cycle Apps in Your Life?

Go ahead and take a closer look on each of these apps that will help you with your menstrual cycle. Pick the one which will be most appropriate for your needs.

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I was reading through minds spring issue and found this on anorexia.
It explains and tackles some of the things people are often confused about or don’t understand about anorexia.
Particially the first part enlightened and educated me.
I am a firm believer that all perspectives can be understood if we try hard enough, and I think that applies to arguments, social behavior and how mental illness affects people. It’s one of those things where education and actively being open to trying to understand others is vital.
I know how things have affected me in my life and how friends despite not being able to feel what I am feeling have tried very hard to understand why I am feeling that way and looked at things from my perspective instead of their own to help me.
I know how difficult it is to try and understand something you have never experienced yourself. And how remarkable and loyal and kind these people are, and how lucky I am to have people willing and capable of doing this in my life.
I just thought this clipping provided some real insight in the same way about things people often chose to question about those who have anorexia. It’s easy to brand them as not being anorexia because they like food or vain because they take pictures of themselves and put them on instagram. But actually like all human thought, you sometimes have to delve a bit deeper to find the answer and reasons.
The following was written as part of minds article on anorexia by a member called Claire who had experienced it herself.

OPI Strawberry Margarita Anyone?

OK, my first question is how can anyone not love the OPI brand? This is my first nail polish by them and Oh My God do I LOVE IT!!

My Style Weapon of Choice: 3.75ml Strawberry Margarita (hot pink) Nail Laqure

It goes on so smoothly it is almost impossible (even for me) to get all those horrible lumps and bumps in it! The shine is incredible! And it only took 1 coat on most of my nails to create a beautiful solid colour!

It also dried within seconds, although I’d recorded giving your nails 5 minutes afterwards just to avoid chips. I chipped one and had to re-do it, but after 5 minutes this OPI polish is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I love this because so many of my nail polishes even the 60 second dry Rimmel ones do continue to chip for hours afterwards! I love that this product doesn’t.

My only criticism is that now I bought the little one as a tester I wish I had bought the bigger 15ml one!

This is bar far the best nail polish I own and I can not wait to order more!!!

Seriously think I might order 5 or 6 more of the mini ones as my summer nail varnish wardrobe and satisfy my need for cute, small things at the same time!

Although I am not from the USA, in OPI 15ml tends to retail around $8-9 and about £8.45 in the UK.

I also paired this product with Rimmel MULTI CARE BASE + TOP COAT Number 965 to seal my nails (Yes I also love my Rimmel nail polishes if you hadn’t guessed!)

Here is the link to The OPI Strawberry Margarita Polish

5 Dating Someone with Depression Relationship Tips

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Are you dating someone with depression? This may seem challenging, but it certainly doesn’t need to be. Here are five relationship tips that may lend a helping hand.

Depression is common, but it’s also a serious mental illness that doesn’t go away by just flicking a switch. Nobody can just snap out of depression. It just doesn’t work that way. People who have depression also makes it harder for them to start dating or to even try being in a relationship.

While it would be difficult for them, it would also be difficult for others who don’t know much about the condition. The usual dating and relationship tips won’t exactly apply to people with depression. They would need a tremendous amount of patience, preparation, and love.

If you’re dating or in a relationship with someone who has clinical depression, here are a few tips that you can try to assist your loved one or if you yourself have depression here are some tips on how your loved ones may be feeling while they are around you.

If you make the decision to be in a relationship with someone who is suffering from depression, be reminded that they are in dire need of feeling wanted and being enough for you. It could become habitual for you to stay on your phone during the entire day of hanging out with your sweetheart.

You might even force yourself to put the darn thing away. Dating and relationship tips say though that your darling will most definitely appreciate your extra efforts.

Have Dating Patience

If you’re struggling with depression, please remind yourself that all of your feelings are completely valid. You are not a broken human just because you are drowning in numbness or every feeling available. If your loved one is depressed, your feelings are valid as well.

Dating and relationship tips suggest that you should remind yourself that they are not choosing to not be their happy-go-lucky selves. They probably even miss their old self more than you could imagine. It’s an extremely uncomfortable feeling of being outside of yourself.

You Can Do This

Some people have on and off battles with their own souls for the rest of their lives. Meaning, there are breaks, and in these relieving breaks you should attempt to find what triggers yourself or your significant other to go back into depression.

Sometimes there’s none, but sometimes it’s possible to find a cause. So, search, discover, and stay away from those triggers at all costs. Dating and relationship tips state that there will always be a small patch of light that can help you get out of that personal darkness inside.

You Don’t Have To

Don’t pressure yourself to always smile, pretend, talk, or laugh. If your loved one truly cares for you, he/she will learn to understand that sometimes faking a smile for their benefit only makes you hurt more. Dating and relationship tips recommend that you should just be yourself.


You Can Date Someone with Depression

Talk, be sad, cry, scream, vent, and be brave to show your dark side with someone trustworthy. Sometimes just letting it all out unapologetically will give you a breath of fresh air. Dating and relationship tips say that your loved one might even be more proud of you for letting it all out. And he/she will definitely appreciate your lighter side after it.

Final Tips and Thoughts

Depression has always been a huge problem for everyone, especially for women. But the beauty of having it is that even if it’s something too serious it can be treated. With patience and hard work in following your doctor’s tips, it’s possible for everyone suffering from depression to get better and enjoy life once again.

You can start dating again and even try being in a serious relationship. On the other side of the spectrum, plenty of people suffering from depression feel an urge to leave this earth because of that guilt of being a burden to their loved ones. Let us keep this from being a reality.

Dating and relationship tips recommend that everyone should pay attention now and start caring. Let’s help them realize that they are not a burden. This is a real and serious matter. Let’s treat it as such.

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