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Mental Health Issues?- A Starting Point For YOUR Recovery

Those Who StruggleImage result for hope

There are people in your community that are fighting to survive. Some are battling life threatening illnesses such as cancer and degenerative conditions. Some are desperately trying to feed themselves whilst living on the bread line. But the majority of people in your community who are fighting to survive are trying to cope with a mental illness. Perhaps, some are even trying to survive mental illness as well as these other life-threatening health and social problems.

I am not saying that the severity of mental illness in anyway outweighs that of physical health problems. What I am saying is that our 21st century community is struggling on mass with mental health issues. It is not just the emo kid that sits at the back of the bus, the ‘incapable’ teacher who breaks down in front of a class or the guy in the office who everyone thinks is a bit ‘strange’.

According to The World Health Organisation, 1 in 4 people will struggle with a mental health condition at some point in their lives. This is a well-known statistic that is on the rise.  What’s more this is only the amount of people who are diagnosed with a mental health condition and does not include the people that are struggling to cope with it on their own. It is more likely than not that when you walk down your street you will see more people who are struggling with mental illness than all other physical health problems combined.

When I say people with mental health problems are struggling to survive, I am talking about how they are struggling to meet the concept of what it is to live and have life.

People with mental health problems can find it painstakingly hard to extract any kind of joy from their day. They may also struggle to even participate in things that could bring them joy. They can be so tired and worn out that they are unable to do things that bring them meaning and life. This can be despite desperately wanting to do these things.



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Mental health may be the highest disease burden in the world and the 2nd biggest cause of disability, but people do not have to be debilitated by it.

With the ‘right’ support can return life, joy and meaning with in that. I say ‘right’ loosely. Different therapies and treatments are right for different people. In fact, often a combination of different therapies will support an individual and teach them how to cope with their illness better than 1 singular treatment. Finding the right amount of input can take time, trial and error and be frustrating, but people can learn to live their life.

I know what you are thinking. I personally have had countless professionals, relations and friends tell me that with the right therapy I will get better. And it can be frustrating because I know I want to get better but I just don’t know how or where to start.


WHERE TO STARTimages (1)

I do have a suggested starting point. It starts by doing a bit of research. I would suggest websites such as .

In particular, go to mind’s shop section and view their list of publications. For FREE you can view online, download or pick up a copy of all their publications in your local mind. They only charge if you want a paper copy delivered.

They have booklet on everything mental health related on the Mind Website.


*Every mental health condition – Diagnostic criteria, Symptoms, Treatments that work well for the condition, medications that work well for the condition, where to access these, real life account of how people feel when they have this illness and what has helped them etc.

*All the distinct types of therapies – What they are, who they help, how they work, their benefits, their drawbacks, past user testimonials and views, how to access the therapy and useful contacts.

*All the distinct medicines used to treat mental illness – things they help with, side effects, usage time etc.

*Your legal rights when it comes to mental health in the UK – What your rights are, how to complain, who to complain to, how to take a complaint higher, useful contacts etc..

*Coping with your mental health and making sure your rights are adhered to situations such as work, study environments etc.


SERIOUSLY, IT IS BRILLIANT. And it has helped me SO much!


Have a flick through the booklets they offer that may be relevant to you. Make some notes. Identify potential illness you think may be affecting you as well as potential therapies and medicines you think may help you and match your symptoms. Then approach your GP / Doctor / Psychiatrist and ask them about these possibilities and what they can do to help you purse these.







If you have a mental illness and are feeling stuck, try this suggestion as a starting point. I find that the more I know what is affecting me, and therefore how it can be treated the more hopeful I become about learning to cope with that issue.


If you know someone who is struggling with mental illness, this is a prompt to help them find some starting points for their recovery!


If you are not very familiar with mental illness, this has hopefully made you a bit more aware of people’s struggles and just prompted you to be a bit mindful of other people’s struggles and has equip you to be able to offer some support to people with mental illness that you may come across in the future. Your support can go a long way!



So, a conclusion! Many of our nation are struggling to live a fully, happy and meaningful life because of mental illness. Often people with mental illness struggle with where to start when trying to get better or they become stuck in a ‘rut’. But create a little research project for yourself. Start with Mind and use my free PDF template to guide you through your research. Knowledge IS power. Knowing what you have and how it can be treated can really help give you a sense of hope for a less bleaker future. And you know what if you seek out opportunities to learn about your condition and how to cope with how it affects you, you can actually live a really fulfilling life!

My journey is different and mine for the making,. So is yours.



Someone who has lived this practice, breathed it and doubted it herself over and over again. Someone still struggles but is beginning to see more little joyful moments in life.










7 Ways People Make Anxiety Symptoms Worse for Women (Infographic)

This blog post  has been reproduced with the explicit permission of YourDoctors.Online 


The casual nature people speak about anxiety can be rough on those who suffer from anxiety disorder. There are even things people do that make anxiety symptoms worse, especially for women. Check out the infographic below to understand anxiety triggers, and a few simple coping tactics.

Did you know anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults?

Are you suffering from anxiety disorder or depression?


Your anxiety symptoms can certainly bring your daily routine to a grinding halt. And women who suffer from anxiety disorder may also be prone to depression. Nearly 50 percent of people diagnosed with anxiety disorder also have other mental illnesses like depression, according to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Social Anxiety Symptoms Affect 15 Million People Beginning at Age 13

Social anxiety affects 15 million people, and anxiety symptoms will begin at the age of 13. It is also equally common among men and women. Did you know that 36 percent of people with social anxiety go over a decade before seeking help?

The following infographic of seven ways people make anxiety symptoms worse for women should be shared with friends and family. This will help them get a clearer picture of what you don’t need.

The Following Infographic May Help You and Other Women Recognize Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety Quotes to Sooth the Senses for Women

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” Deepak Chopra

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The infographic above are only a few examples of ways people make anxiety symptoms worse for women. Build on infographic details and talk to a doctor online to help you become the healthiest and happiest version of you possible.

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10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

This blog post  has been reproduced with the explicit permission of YourDoctors.Online 

Does your anxiety cause restless sleep and over-thinking for minutes, hours, days?  It may feel like the it will never go away. Don’t know how to deal with anxiety? Did you know that twice the amount of women suffer from anxiety disorders compared to men.


Learn how to cope by following these 10 ways to effectively cope and develop approaches to your worries. They may just help.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

1. Repeat Something Over . . . and Over . . . and Over Again

Repeating something in your head over and over and over again is certainly a how to deal with anxiety secret. A mantra can help you get over, or even forget, about what was causing your issues in the first place.

Think about your worrisome thought slowly for 20 minutes. Your brain will determine how to rid the problem, either by dealing with the issue, or forgetting about it. After 20 minutes, you will not even want to think about it anymore.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

2. Exaggerate!

When you exaggerate something, you see how ridiculous or even dull the problem really is.  This how to deal with anxiety secret helps you see the worth of the problem and it is usually not worth your frantic mood. You will realize that it’s really not a big deal!



10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

3. Crazy Thoughts are Sometimes Okay

You may have crazy thoughts sometimes in certain situations, and that’s okay. Women aren’t all that crazy. Our minds are very creative and it is normal to have a few wild and crazy thoughts every so often.

When you do have a crazy thought, explain it to yourself, and then move on. This how to deal with anxiety secret helps you realize it was only a thought.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

4. Case of False Anxiety Alarms

Some of the top fears people have are the house burning down when you are gone, or even simply thinking you forgot to close the garage, or lock your car before walking into work.

Know you are having these anxieties, then let them go knowing they are just false alarms.  Women tend to worry more about these types of thoughts, and this how to deal with anxiety secret is a must.



10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

5. Turn Your Anxiety into a Movie

Disconnect your worries and troubles by separating them from your “you.” Turn your anxious thoughts into a movie and calmly observe your very own documentary with a bit of humor. This how to deal with anxiety secret may seem silly, but it works.


10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

6. Arrange Your Own Worry Time

When something worrisome pops up, leave it for the time you set aside for worrying. Do not worry about something right when it comes up. If you set aside a worry time for late afternoon, most of your worries will be resolved or not worth your worry. Not worrying right away can help you have an anxiety-free day.


10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

7. Know That You CAN’T Control Everything

Another how to deal with anxiety secret is to not let things that are out of your hands consume your time. You need to realize and be realistic about your control over certain things. Surrender to those uncontrollable circumstances. Trying to control what you have no command of will only lead to panic and worry. Submit to what you can’t control!

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

8. Best How to Deal with Anxiety Secret, Simply Breathe

Take a breather. Breathing can help release your stress and think properly. Stress and anxiety makes the body tense up as well as hinder normal breathing. Breathing is an effective technique that can bring you back to reality when anxious. Connect back with yourself by breathing.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

9. Classify Your Time

Not everything requires immediate response or panic. Rank events as an emergency or not. If it is not an emergency, relax and do not fret right away. Deal with the concern. If this concern does not affect you greatly in the future, then know this issue is temporary. Some women suffer in this way when it comes to raising children. Know when to worry and when not to, for your own sake.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

10. Women . . . Don’t Forget to Live

Anxiety disorders are common in the United States, but don’t let it affect or diminish your life.  According to statistics over the last 10 years, 54 percent of women and 46 percent of men experience anxiety disorder. Don’t lose your much needed sleep over this common mental health disorder.

Now you know how to deal with anxiety with these 10 easy ways. Get your life back into your control. You can talk to a doctor for free and get the facts and answers you need and deserve.

You may find Dr. Sohrab Zahedi’s profile reassuring to learn more about how to deal with anxiety today . . . 


Dr. Zahedi: With nearly a decade of experience, my medical expertise in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry has allowed me to offer professional patient care for group and family psychotherapy. I am presently the principal psychiatrist at the UCONN Division of Correctional Managed Healthcare Hartford Correctional Center and helm the Sohrab Zahedi, M.D., Adult & Forensic Psychiatry and Tangerine Project a Psychiatric Clinic in Connecticut as physician and owner.

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10 Simple Ways To Better Manage The ‘Bad Days’ 

10 Simple Ways To Better Manage The ‘Bad Days’ –

Conquering depression or anxiety is no overnight fix. Often it will take many years. And even then there will still be times in which the pressures of the life cause us to feel a little down in the dumps. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up in situations like these. ‘Why is this happening again?!’ you might ask yourself. But having the odd ‘bad day’ is perfectly okay, we just need to understand how to better manage them.

In my struggles with depression and anxiety over the past decade I’ve learnt a thing or two that I’ve been inspired to share; some coping strategies and tools we can employ when the going gets a bit tough or we simply wake up one day and feel like the world is on top of us:

1. Watch a movie.

It’s okay to feel how you’re feeling. If you’re having a bad day and don’t feel up to leaving the house, that’s cool. Find a good movie to watch and cook up some popcorn! Chill out, it’s all good. There’s always tomorrow for all that ‘serious stuff’ anyway!

2. Have a shower.

Sitting around all day with bed hair smelling terribly doesn’t just sting the nostrils of those around you but is also bound to leave you feeling pretty sh*tty too. Freshen up and brush your hair so at least you can walk past your reflection without having to cringe every time! Self-esteem instant win!

3. Do something you enjoy.

Sometimes in our darkness it’s easy to forget the things we enjoy. Our heads becomes a dark mess in which everything seems pointless. But even something as simple as flicking through your favourite book or magazine can spark some much more positive thoughts. You should see my F1 magazine collection – ideal for times like these!

4. Have a normal conversation with a friend.

By all means talk to a close friend about how you’re feeling, have that conversation, but don’t forget to talk about normal stuff too, things you both enjoy. Have a laugh. Smile. Did someone say footy season?!

5. Sit outside for an hour.

‘Life on the inside’ can become pretty claustrophobic pretty quickly. And while you might not feel up to going out in public and seeing people, often chilling on the patio or in the sun reading a book or watching the clouds roll by can be the perfect remedy. Fresh air and Vitamin D anyone?

6. Listen to your favourite music (and maybe bust out a dance move or two!)

Whether you’re a music nut or not, all of us will have that song or two that get us feeling pretty fired up for life! So if need be, close your bedroom door (and perhaps the curtains!) and rock out. Did someone just drop the bass?! #onemanrave

7. Sleep if you need to.

It’s easy to feel guilty for feeling tired or needing to nap every hour. This guilt though I’ve found to be highly counter-productive! So put your PJs on and get comfy. Just as the body needs rest from physical activity the mind needs rest sometimes too. Sweet dreams!

8. Walk The Dog

If you don’t have a dog, fly the bird, swim the fish or drag the cat somewhere instead. While we might not all be ‘gym people’, simply getting the body moving for half an hour or so is often enough to point our mind back towards greener pastures. (Bonus points for those who comment with photos of them actually taking their bird for a fly…!)

9. Write

This one is a personal favourite though one that I cannot recommend highly enough. It has helped me to pull apart negative thought patterns and reflect on the underlying reasons behind many of the decisions I have made. Unintentionally it has taught me much of what I know about myself! You’ll be amazed at the revelations you stumble across!

10. Be honest with people.

Saving the most important to last is one that I admit to having neglected for far too long. So easy it is to make excuses as to why we can’t do things, to paint a much rosier picture than that of reality and to push people away or ignore them until things are better. But just as we would have no qualms in letting a friend know we’d broken our leg, there is no need to hide our mental struggles from the world either. The time has come for us all to realise this.

Take care team!


Originally published on Greatness Via Passion, September 2015.

What are some ways that you manage your bad days? I’d love to keep adding to this list! Share in the comments below 🙂

DIY 39: positive thoughts in a jar 

DIY 39: positive thoughts in a jar –

Hey pixels!! First day of 2017; did you had fun yesterday? I hope so, my happy pixels. The last day of the year is always special. It’s when we remember how time flies; and when we make a list of  New Year Resolutions.

But, we really complete our resolutions list or we forget it? This is why I’m proposing this DIY, my happy pixels. It’s all about positive thinking and happiness. We, people, tend to remember better all the times when we do something wrong or when we are unhappy. But we tend to forget all the good things that happens to us every day. I  want to change the game with this DIY.

How about this? If the last day of December you could read about all your best moments of the year, and remember all that happy events and thoughts you’ve had, I’m sure you would feel much better. Well, you can do it easily with this DIY. Keep reading, please!!

You’ll need:

How it works:

It can’t be easier, my happy pixels!! Just remember: when something special happens, or after a good day/moment, write it down on one of the cards. Store the card in the box/mason jar.

This way you’ll be keeping all this precious moments. Next first day of January, open the box/mason jar and read all the papers. You’ll be amazed remembering all the beautiful things that happened to you during 2017.

What do you think about this DIY, my happy pixels? Are you going to make it? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Daily To Do List (Free Printable) 

Daily To Do List (Free Printable) –

In order to stay sane and to manage your emotions, you need to plan and record important parts of your day.

You like me may be the one to sometimes forget what you had planned for the day or the calls you had to make, little things you had to do or emotions you felt.

Having a To do list will help you keep your mind clutter free. You will then have more time for yourself and your emotional well-being.

Planning will help you avoid unnecessary stress and worrying.