Harry Potter Free Party Printables + Food & Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Recipes 

Harry Potter Free Party Printables + Food & Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Recipes – http://wp.me/p8x20r-G

Dear Finley, 

I hope some day you read this and watch/read the entire Harry Potter series. I also hope someday all this is extremely useful to you.

Love Momma


A year ago had the opportunity to totally nerd out on my best friend’s bachelorette party with a Harry Potter theme, and it couldn’t have turned out any better. For some reason I went head first into this as a designer and kept coming out with idea after idea. I had so much fun designing all of it. Here’s the part I can use these decor ideas over and over again for all kinds of Harry Potter themed parties, and so can you!


Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Dubble sided tape to apply the labels to bottles, cups and containers.
  • Scissors


All links on the supplies are directed to smile.amazon.com – every purchase will donate money to your charity of choice.

(Click Here) to download the ButterBeer labels

Butterbeer Recipe (Alcoholic)

Use an 8 oz. (Cut Recipe in half for 8 oz.) to 16 oz. Mason Jar or a 12 oz. – 16 oz. Beer Mug.

  • One glass bottle of cream soda, this was mostly used for visual effect
  • Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum
  • Tbsp of vanilla ice cream – mix into the soda and rum until it looks creamy (careful it will fizz up, mix slowly)
  • Butterscotch Sauce (Drizzle around the sides of the glass before pouring and then drizzle on top)
  • Whip Cream for Topping

There are hardly any measurements we just simply poured each in to our liking. Some wanted more rum, some needed more rum.

Butterbeer (Non-Alcoholic) 

Use an 8 oz. (Cut Recipe in half for 8 oz.) to 16 oz. Mason Jar or a 12 oz. – 16 oz. Beer Mug.

  • One glass bottle of cream soda, this was mostly used for visual effect
  • Tbsp of vanilla ice cream – mix into the soda until it looks creamy (careful it will fizz up, mix slowly)
  • Butterscotch Sauce (Drizzle around the sides of the glass before pouring and then drizzle on top)
  • Whip Cream for Topping


(Click Here) to download the Mandrake Roots and Flobber Worms labels

Mandrake Roots – Use a savory or sweet party mix. Example: Snack Mix or Nut Mix.

Drunken Flobber Worms (Alcoholic) – Soak gummy worms in vodka over night serve in a shot glass or in a mason jar. Can also add them to any of your mixed drinks.


(Click Here) to download the Salamander Blood, Horklump Juice, etc. labels

Salamander Blood Recipe (Alcoholic)

Red wine works great for this or you can use the Bloody Mary recipe below

Mix all together. For visual effect add pomegranate seeds to the drink.

Salamander Blood Recipe (Non-Alcoholic)

Fruit Punch or Cranberry Juice works great for this or you can use the juice recipe below.

Mix all together. For visual effect add pomegranate seeds to the drink.


Horklump Juice Recipe (Alcoholic) 

The tastiest savory drink thus far! You will need Fried Mushrooms for this one, make yourself or purchase frozen. If you’re gluten-free I would highly recommend using balsamic/garlic marinated baked mushrooms.

Mix all together until liquid is smooth. Place speared mushrooms on top.


Lethe River Water (Alcoholic)

Serve in an 16 oz. Mason Jar

Lethe River Water (Non-Alcoholic)

Serve in an 8 oz. Mason Jar.

  • Scoop of Lime Sherbet ice cream
  • Fill with Ginger soda
  • Throw in some Flobber Worms!


Draught of Peace (Non-Alcoholic) – Fill a 20 oz or higher glass bottle or jar

Lavender is not mandatory but the aroma does help with stress. If you don’t have lavender, blueberries are an excellent substitution.


(Click Here) to download the Gillywater, Amortentia, etc. labels

Amortentia Recipe (Alcoholic)

Amortentia Recipe (Non – Alcoholic)


Gilly Water Recipe (Alcoholic) 

  • Splash of Blue Curacao
  • Splash of Coconut Rum
  • Splash Orange Liqueur
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Squeeze of a lime wedge

Add swedish fish or blueberries.

Gilly Water Recipe (Non – Alcoholic) 


Place the small potion labels on little sample liquor bottles or for no-alcoholic parties use them on Little Hug Juice Barrels.


(Click Here) to download the Ministry of Magic “This Way” sign

(Click Here) to download the 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express sign


10 Habits to Help You Succeed in College – FREE PDF Included

10 Habits to Help You Succeed in College – FREE PDF Included – http://wp.me/p42YR6-1lN

Getting a college degree is no easy feat. Fortunately, you and your fellow students have access to a plethora of tips and tricks to make the most out of your class time and study time. One such source is provided by Opportunity International, which lists out habits to help you succeed in higher education.

Here’s a taste of Opportunity.org’s 10 Habits of Successful Students, which includes my favorite three habits they’ve listed:

  1. Sleep. You don’t want to overdo this one and miss class, of course! However, you can’t pull all-nighters to finish projects and study for tests all the time. (Trust me. I’ve tried and learned the hard way.) Get your rest so you can think more clearly, retain information more easily, and be a more pleasant person to be around.
  2. Ask questions. You should use this tip inside and outside of the classroom. If you’re confused by what your instructor is saying, do your best to speak up during class! If you’re extra shy and don’t want to talk in front of all your peers, don’t miss the opportunity to ask your instructor during their office hours or right after their lecture. Make sure you ask friends for help with studying too.
  3. Maintain a study space. Sometimes, your dorm room or home isn’t the best place to get your work done. Take the time to locate a spot that’s quiet, easy to get to, and conducive to studying.

Need help with that last tip? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Reading Environment Assessment here. It asks you to evaluate three different potential study spots by answering a few true-or-false questions. It will help you identify your best environment to get your work done. Plus, it’s free and quick to complete!

Check out more habits of successful students here. Let us know what your best habits are in the comments below!

“10 Habits of Success Students.” Opportunity International. Opportunity.org, n.d. Web. 19 July 2016.

Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy 8th Edition by Gerald Corey 

Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy 8th Edition by Gerald Corey – http://wp.me/p8elzX-kA


Plan With Us- Easter Ideas

Plan With Us- Easter Ideas – http://wp.me/p8iMcC-jX

So the Easter school break is coming up and I thought I would share with you some ideas of things to do in the holidays, We will be doing some of these as well. I have also made up a little printable you could print off and use to plan your activities, I do this because my girls like to know the plans for each week.


Easter Fun Ideas

  • Decorate your home with Easter/Spring decorations or handmade arts & crafts.
  • Go on a forest walk
  • Bake some Easter cupcakes or Easter inspired treats
  • Easter Arts & Crafts (ideas below)
  • Messy surprise egg bath (explained below)
  • Egg Hunt
  • Guess the riddle (explained below)
  • Make your own flower arrangements (explained below)
  • Decorate an egg
  • Go to the park and feed the ducks
  • Have an at home Easter parade (explained below)
  • Buy some eggs and donate them
  • On Easter Sunday go to church for the Sunday service

Easter Arts & Craft Ideas

  • Make a Spring/Easter bunting
  • Make Masks
  • Make an Easter bonnet
  • Make an Easter wreath
  • Make bunny finger puppets

(Google has loads of ideas so just search away, this is some we have done in the past)

Messy Bath Egg Surprise

You will need bath slime which you can find here. You will also need to buy plastic eggs and small gifts that you can buy from the poundshop. Put the small gifts inside the eggs and make the slime bath and put the eggs in them, the kids enjoy a messy slime bath while finding lucky egg surprises too. This is great fun.

Guess The Riddle

So this is pretty simple you make up cards with little clues (riddles) on them and hide each card and then each card the clue leads to the next card in a different place, at the end of this there should be a little surprise maybe a sweet treat.

Make Your Own Flower Arrangements

Why not get a few bouquets of flowers, some Spring and Easter tubs, glasses, vases etc and all each make a little flower arrangement of your own to then display in your home.

At Home Easter Parade

Make costumes, Easter bonnets and nice food and play music and have a little Easter parade in your home with some fun games and yummy food together.


This is just some ideas that we have done in the past or are doing this year. School holidays can be expensive so most of these are pretty cheap as the supplies can be found at the poundshop and others you may already have in the house.



I made a little printable, you can download it here. My girls like seeing what is on the agenda so I made this up and will fill it out and pop it on the fridge for them to see. I didn’t add dates because we have things in between but if they know what is on the agenda for each week it is easier when plans change etc to move things around.


I hope this helps and if anyone has any ideas for me please comment down below as I am always looking for new inspiration.


Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon.


Love, Kimmy xoxo


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2 Minute Sugar Free Apple Pie Oatmeal [RECIPE] — The Noob Chef


via 2 Minute Sugar Free Apple Pie Oatmeal [RECIPE] — The Noob Chef

If I learned anything about oatmeal, it’s that it is much more cost effective to purchase a large container of quick oats and make your own variation. A large container that lasts me easily 1 month (eating it daily) costs $3.99. Now I’ll admit… for a while there I caved and tossed 2 tbsp. of sugar into my oats to sweeten things up. Over time I made a promise to myself to try and cut back on sugar where I could. That’s not to say I’m completely sugar free. (Hence my recent Buckeye recipe). But, I’m trying.

So I got to work playing around with other kinds of sweeteners: honey, sugar-free maple syrup, sugar-free applesauce, sugar-free apple butter, Splenda, etc. I’m a sucker for apples so I was aiming to make an oatmeal that tasted like an apple pie without the super jolt of sugar. The result was this recipe. It isn’t overly sweet, but the ingredients give it just enough sweetness for enjoyment while still being a stick-to-your-ribs kind of breakfast. How do you like your oatmeal? Comment below and let me know! I hope you all enjoy this recipe and as always… keep on cooking! ❤


2 Minute Sugar Free Apple Pie Oatmeal

Yields: 1 serving


  • 1/2 cup quick oats
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 tbsp. sugar free apple butter
  • 2 tbsp. sugar free maple syrup
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 1 apple, chopped
  • 2 tbsp. milk or half and half


  1. In a microwave-safe bowl, pour in the quick oats and water. Heat for 2 minutes. (Note: watch your oatmeal on the last 30 seconds so it doesn’t overflow).
  2. Add in the apple butter and maple syrup and mix well.
  3. Add in the cinnamon and chopped apple and fold through. Then drizzle 2 tbsp. of milk or cream on top. Mix well and enjoy!

Loves as of Late- January Edition

Loves as of Late- January Edition – http://wp.me/p862je-8Y

Did you just find your kid playing in the toilet for the third time today (yes, I did) and could use some uplift?  Are you looking for some ways to change it up with your daily schedule or system? Welcome to the first edition of my Loves as of Late series.

These specific posts are a random collaboration of items, ideas, activities, or foods (like I would ever leave that out) that add value to my marriage, family, home, or me personally. In other words I am sharing some of the things we can’t get through this life without.  I am always so interested to know what works in other homes and love getting new ideas from the wives and mothers I associate with.  We are all bettered when we have an opportunity to learn and grow from each other right? Maybe you and your family will be inspired and uplifted by what we love around here lately.

Recipe Organizer

This was the best birthday present I got this year.  My husband knows me all to well and my gifts all had a home organization type theme.  I am also obsessed with my new paper cutter and label maker…it’s the little things am I right?  I have seen a huge amount of pins dedicated to making your own recipe organizer, which is what I was planning on doing before my heart fell in love with this one at Hobby Lobby.  This was exactly what I had imagined when deciding I would be making my own. It has a conversion chart and basic tabs (breads, desserts, entrees) and I might add a few extra.  It comes with full recipe pages as well as the smaller index size.  The larger pages are convenient for the essay long recipes that I personally tend to avoid since that is too much effort.  I’m sure I will find a use for them.

It was a few weeks before my birthday so I took a picture of the one in the store and constructed, via text to my husband, a rock solid argument of how this would benefit our household.  Just kidding, I just begged and pleaded and he loves me.   The one pictured above is what I have.  I couldn’t find it online but there are a few other irresistible themes and styles in the store.

photo credit – ebay.com

This mug cake makes my life

Are you looking for a dessert that is fast, easy, healthy, and a quick clean up?  Enter, coconut flour chocolate mug cake.  This is one of the only GF mug cakes I have found that DOESN’T turn out to be a texture I could scrub my dishes with. It is so satisfying yet, I do not have to feel guilty because I haven’t ruined the work out I did that morning.   It is made with coconut flour and coconut oil but the recipe is very flexible.  I typically add more chocolate than it suggests because I like mine darker and often use butter instead of coconut oil. You can throw in a couple of chocolate chips, or not.   It just depends on how healthy I feel like being.  Also I  substitute agave or stevia for the honey.

BONUS, this link also has two other mug cakes that I have not tried but my friend said the peanut butter cake was delicious.  This mug cake is ideal for curling up on the couch after the kids go to bed to reward yourself for not losing it when you couldn’t keep one out of the toilet.  Yes, I am still bitter.  You can even share a couple bites with your honey if you feel like being nice.

photo credit – nortorious.blogspot.com

Life Saving Tips for the Mother of a Big Family

GUYS,  If you do nothing else for yourself this entire week READ THIS ARTICLE.  I do not mean to be bossy but, just do it.  I cannot express how much this will bless your life.  One of my very best friends sent this to me months ago and I refer to it quite often.  My “Self congratulation is key to mental health” new year’s resolution is a direct product of how greatly these words impacted me. It changed the way I approach running a home and raising a family.

It’s a  beautiful numbered list (love my lists) and she covers everything from, “I am not a buffet” to “I don’t minister to laundry.” You like it already don’t you;) Disregard the big family part, this is vital for any size family in any phase of life.  Take some time tonight and read this while you gobble down your mug cake.

photo credit – The Dating Divas

Set all the goals with these printables

I prefer goals rather than resolutions.  Have you put thought into what you’d like to improve this coming year?  It isn’t too late!  Multiple studies have shown that if you write down your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.  I can get on board with that.  There is something so motivating about putting your ambitions onto paper.  I believe it also creates another method of accountability because it will be staring me down from its place on the wall as I walk to my closet.

Not only is this printable free, but it is b-e-a-utiful.  I couldn’t wait to get my goals down on there.  I am motivated just looking at it.  There are two designs to choose from as well as  mini sized pages to keep in your purse or planner.  We chose the larger page to put down our 2017 family goals and framed it, it’s that gorgeous you guys.  You can grab this freebie here on The Dating Divas blog.  I can promise you this will not be the last time I will mention these ladies.  I am obsessed with their site and the resources they have for creating a happy and healthy marriage.  You can also find this printable saved on my Printable Freebies Pinterest board.

Tiger Tail

Me and this guy have a love hate relationship.  The stick, not the man. That man and I have a very happy and healthy marriage.  The stick is called a tiger tail and it is the best Christmas present I didn’t even know I wanted.  My husband and I began an Insanity work out class a few months ago and you guessed it, it’s insane.  We spend a lot of time being sore these days.  It has done wonders for our endurance but my poor muscles.

Trevor found an online article written by Kyle Collinsworth, an NBA player, discussing some of his favorite recovery tools and methods.  At the time I thought he was showing me the products as a Christmas gift hint.  So I went ahead and ordered the muscle stimulator.  Well the real story was that he planned to buy ME some of the products and was getting a feel for my reaction.  Naturally, since I thought he wanted these items, my responses were enthusiastic and positive.  Fast forward to Christmas morning.  Trevor opens his muscle simulator and smiles.  He then hands me a present to open and says, “This might be where we needed to communicate.”  Would you look at that I got a muscle stimulator too.  What can I say, we’re in love.  Fast forward to now.  We use this all the time.  heck, you don’t even have to have sore muscles.  It makes a terrific back massager and no one’s hands have to get tired.  You can buy one here.  And if you are wondering, we love the muscle stimulator as well.

What are you loving right now?  Comment and share below!

Teach the Teacher Day! A great activity!

Teach the Teacher Day! A great activity! – http://wp.me/p6mTX7-Bj

The end of year is always a more relaxed and dare I say creative time of the year. What with the bulk of the curriculum covered and the end of year tests over and done with, teachers are allowed some time to get creative and pupils benefit greatly!

This year we tried out Teach the Teacher Day! We assigned a day were the pupils would get to BE the teacher, and TEACH the teacher!!

I have to say this was such a huge success! The children came in with some incredible topics and ideas and to be honest, I learned many things, ranging from football, to ballet, to famous people and science! I could not believe how much originality and knowledge the children expressed when they were allowed some freedom to choose their own topic and prepare a lesson for us.

The original idea came from http://www.notjustaworksheet.com. I loved the worksheet, but wanted to modify it slightly and make some adjustments to suit my class’  needs, so I decided to create my own version of it, which you can see below.


Teach the Teacher Day Free Download

I highly recommend you try this, if you haven’t already done so! It’s incredibly inspiring from a teacher’s point of view and insightful about the children’s characters. Feel free to download my version of the worksheet and guidelines below, or go to http://www.notjustaworksheet.com to download theirs! Whichever you choose, it will be a definite success!

I have uploaded some photos which were taken on that day, so you can get a feel of it. Some children used a PowerPoint presentation, others wrote on the board, showed YouTube clips, made presentations to teach us what they were interested in. All the lessons were great!

This particular lesson was about fragrances and their effect on people. It left our classroom smelling amazing! ❤

Materials used to teach the lesson on fragrances.

Great classroom participation and concentration! We learned so much!

Please share your thoughts or a comment to tell me how it went, if you download this worksheet and decide to give it a go!

Special thanks to all my pupils who made this day a success! ❤

Till next time…