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8 Tips to Start a Healthy Lifestyle 

8 Tips to Start a Healthy Lifestyle –

1. Just do it. Today. Right now. Not tomorrow, not next Monday, do it right now. One of the most valuable tips that I have learned is to make small, healthy choices every day. When you are choosing between something healthy and something unhealthy, try to make the healthy choice. Your stomach/body will thank you and your mind will thank you. Yes, that unhealthy food will taste amazing while you’re eating it (for 5 seconds) but what did it do for your insides? Did it nourish your body? Did it have any micronutrients? Probably not. Whenever I eat candy, chips, and any other kind of junk food, my stomach hurts. I believe that this is because when you start to develop a healthy lifestyle, your body starts to crave healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods. Now, I’m not saying I never eat donuts, pizza, cookies, cake, chocolate, ice cream, etc. because we all know that I eat all of that stuff! But its all about b a l a n c e.

 “You can’t out work a bad diet” and that is 100% true. During high school and college, I was working out every day but eating complete crap, as well as over eating. And I wondered why I never saw a change. This was because of my diet. I have FINALLY realized that I was holding myself back from the results that I wanted. (Sounds pretty dumb huh?) Yes, I love food. It’s amazing and it tastes great. But I have finally realized that I was just eating to eat. I would eat when I was bored, I would eat when I was stressed. In high school, I was playing soccer and running track and cross country so I was constantly burning calories so I never gained much weight. College was a huge change. I didn’t have practices to go to, or a team to rely on. I have always loved working out, sweating, and seeing what my body can do. But when I got to college I continued to eat everything excessively and on top of that I drank alcohol, a lot. I now think about everything I eat and how it is going to make me feel.

2. Drink more water! Fill up a water bottle before you go to sleep and keep it next to your bed. Drink it first thing in the morning! There are so many benefits to drinking water. I drink a gallon of water a day. At first, this was a daunting task. But now its really nothing. I have even inspired one of my best friends to drink more water (shoutout to you Kayla!!) You don’t need to start off with a gallon. Just try to drink more and more every day. Always keep a water bottle with you. If you don’t like plain water, add lemon or fruit to make it easier to drink!

3. Get rid of all the junk food in your house! It is soo easy to eat junk food when its right in front of you. I know its hard, trust me, but it makes such a difference. It is so much easier to not eat something when you don’t have it in the house!

4. This will take time. Nothing will happen over night. All of those people that you see on Instagram have been working on themselves for at least a year. Make the commitment to better yourself.

5. Don’t let one bad day ruin your progress. If you feel like eating cake or pizza, eat it! Don’t associate food with guilt.

6. The number on the scale doesn’t matter. I would recommend to write down your starting weight. I don’t think that you need to weigh yourself every day. The number on the scale fluctuates so much throughout the day depending on so many things. If you want to weigh yourself, I recommend taking the average of a week of weigh-ins. This will give you a better picture and will allow you to not get caught up in the tiny fluctuations that everyones body makes. I think the best indicator of weight loss is how you feel, how your clothes fit, and how comfortable you feel in your clothes. Some more things to pay attention to are how you are progressing in your workouts by lifting heavier weights or running for a longer time. Or those pants that you bought that were a little tight now fit better. You feel comfortable wearing things that you didn’t before. Those are the things that matter. Being comfortable in your own skin!

7. Workout how YOU want to workout. Not everyone likes to run. You don’t need to run to lose weight. Walk. Swim. Do HIIT. Bike. Lift weights. Crossfit. Yoga. Pilates. Just get up and get your body moving! Do what makes you happy. If you find yourself dreading your workout, switch it up.

8. Do it for yourself. Find something that motivates you. Your main motivation should come from within, but it is helpful to have external sources of inspiration. My external motivation are all the fitness Instagrams and youtubers that I love watching. Also, choose a short term goal like doing 3 pull ups, doing 10 burpees without dying, or doing 10 pushups by next month.

Join me on my fitness journey, and even start your own journey and share it with me! I will be posting here as much as possible with tips, tricks, workouts, inspiration and everything in between.

Plan Your Life: Free Printables!? 

Plan Your Life: Free Printables!? –

Are you getting ready for the next semester of school or a new segment of your life/work? I have an AWESOME, 3-part blog series coming up.

It will guide you to create the ultimate planner for prioritizing your work, school, home and even fitness life.

This is my first post, and I am going to share my top favorite printables I used for my own planner, and also some extras that might be useful to you.

I have a blog, I’m starting High-School, I clean houses, have daily chores, track my health, and spiritual growth so THOSE will be influencing the types of worksheets I used, so keep in mind that while scrolling through. I hope this helps you manage the rest of your year, and make sure that if you use any of these in your homemade planner, let me know!


^^^^^This blogger has wonderful content for bloggers/business owners^^^^



^^^^Just a tip for these though, make sure the layout is landscape and not portrait, or else the format will print out strange.^^^^

^^^^^I haven’t printed these out yet, but they look great!^^^^^



^^^^^These work  GREAT for binder covers^^^^^

^^^^So does this one!^^^^^




^^^^^This tumblr account is the BEST for a collge/high school student. Seriously guys, you MUST check out this page!!^^^^^




(These were the printables my mom used when she created HER planner.)



^^^^This one’s great for essential oil users!^^^^






Well, I hope you enjoyed this mash-up of Ultimate Planner Printables!!!


~By His Grace,



PS. Here’s my Pinterest for more organizational/planner/printables:


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How to do a life audit

How to do a life audit –

If you’re like me, there are times when your plate feels a bit too full. There are times when you’re overscheduled and overwhelmed, but you don’t believe you’ve accomplishing much. I decided I needed to conduct a Life Audit. And you can too! Here’s how to do a Life Audit and why it’s helpful.

We all have days when we work too hard on the wrong things, but we have to make sure that those days don’t turn into weeks, months, or even years. A Life Audit will leave you with the clarity you need to prioritize.


Quality advice will not be helpful if you don’t know your personal mission. What is your why? What is your vision? If you’re not clear on your personal mission, it will be hard for you to conduct your Life Audit. Define your personal mission and write down your goals on paper.

A personal mission statement will help you articulate your values and beliefs, determine your personal definition of success, and share your talent with the world.


What’s currently on your plate? Make a master list of everything in your life that’s taking up time. Consider your full-time job, side hustle, relationships, community involvement, social media, and whatever else you spend time on.

 After you’ve completed this task, compare this list to your mission statement and identify points of congruence between the two. Analyze the incongruence because you may be able to eliminate some of the time you spend on these activities.

Ask yourself:

  • How is this helping me achieve my mission?

  • Do I enjoy it?

  • What am I gaining by having this on my plate? Could I achieve the same benefits another way?

  • What would I lose by taking this off my plate? Do those things play a large role in achieving my mission?

  • Is this using up other resources  that could be useful in helping me accomplish my why? (For example, do you need extra money to fund the beginning stages of a side hustle that helps you accomplish your mission? Are you finding it hard to find time to sit down and write your book because you’re giving three hours of your week to something you feel “meh” about? It could be good to push this stuff off your plate now in order to fulfill your larger mission.)

  • If I weren’t already involved with this, would I sign up for it now? (If the answer is no, then that’s an easy thing to cross off your list.)

  • Is this helping me to fulfill the basic needs of life? (For instance, my workouts are pretty expensive, but my health is critically important. I can research less expensive options, but I shouldn’t give up fitness altogether.)

As you answer the questions, always keep your mission statement in mind.

 Use the Stoplight Method if You Need Guidance:

 RED: STOP! These are things that you should say no to at this time.

YELLOW: Slow Down! – You can still be involved, but maybe tone it back a bit. This is a commitment that you can redesign.

 GREEN: GO! – This is mission-congruent and a life must-have.


Take a look at what’s left on your list. If your new list seems more manageable and the points will help you lead to your mission statement, then you’ve had a successful life audit. If not, rinse and repeat. You may find gaps during your life audit that could allow you to add new opportunities that are aligned with your goals.

Your personal mission statement allows you to focus. As new opportunities come your way, you can run them through your mission filter. Schedule recurring “me” time  to conduct a Life Audit. Reexamine and rework your mission as needed, put everything in front of you, and commit to the things that will help you achieve your personal definition of success.

How To Recognise Depression


Mental health, not the sort of thing most people choose to talk about seriously. Furthermore, sometimes people say something insensitive or said out of plain ignorance.

Suffering from depression or mental health problems, is something that most people feel ashamed to admit.

What about those people who don’t suffer from depression or have ever had a severe depressive episode? This brings me to the core of this article: How do you recognise depression?

It is so very important to be vigilant. To be aware of the warning signs, and the earlier they are spotted, the better. Why? Because being depressed leads to behaviour that is not helpful. Behaviour that over time, is reinforced day after day, month after month. Slowly but surely getting a firm grip on your life. It is much harder to spot a change in behaviour if it occurs and develops gradually over time. But what are these signs and behaviour that we should look out for?



The most common symptom of depression and one which most people think is the only one is having a persistent empty or ‘sad’ mood.

A feeling of pessimism, hopelessness or helplessness and being critical of oneself for never being good enough at anything no matter what we do.

Depression can lead to a lack of interest in pursuits someone usually enjoys.

Feeling lethargic or having no energy or drive is another symptom of depression that can slowly be re-enforced over time.

Trouble with sleeping is a symptom associated with depression. Sleeping disorders are often dismissed as having developed a mild case of insomnia that will surely go away over time. Some people wake early in the morning and are unable to fall back asleep.

Eating disturbances to, especially in women, can them cope with depression even if they don’t realise it.

Depression often goes hand in hand with anxiety. Anxiety can also cause sleeping disturbances, as well as a feeling of dread, increased heart rate and more severely, panic attacks.

Depression and anxiety can easily knock our confidence levels as both can lead to difficulty concentrating and remembering or making decisions.

These symptoms can climax with devastating effect. They can sometimes lead to a complete nervous breakdown. During this nothing makes sense and it can be very frightening when you are faced with a situation like this.

Depression can also manifest itself through persistent physical symptoms or pains that do not seem to respond to treatment.

Being irritable and losing ones temper are also symptoms of depression, (supposedly) seen more often in males than females.

Thoughts of suicide, attempts and plans are never to be taken lightly. Often, suicide attempts can be a cry for help – i.e they don’t know what else to do guys! For them it seems like like this is the only way to get help (near misses). Often it can feel like the only way to alleviate their suffering (via death).


Quick note on depression, suicide and self harm: The best way to try and understand how a depressed person is feeling is to get into the person shoes…..

Imagine feeling so hopeless, powerless and down that nothing seems worth it. You are tired and can’t physically do much. Everything is a struggle. You don’t feel like you re getting any where or progressing. You can’t sleep properly or get a clear head. A lot of negative things from your past have caused a reinforced negative thinking pattern in your own head. A pattern that feels impossible to get out and away from because it is in your head and the only thing you have ever known! Imagine feeling that no matter how hard you try you can’t get away from this because it is within you. Imagine the stress of every day life upon yourself with these difficulties. Imagine how such a thinking pattern and such symptoms lead to re-enforcing more negative behaviours and thoughts about yourself and life.



A person can be diagnosed with depression if four or more of the symptoms above have been present in a two week period or more. Not everyone will have the same symptoms so it is important to be aware and look for signs of all symptoms of depression. Remember, only a doctor or psychiatrist can diagnose depression.

Why You Have Not Achieved Your Goal! (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Levi Walker

Founder & Owner of: Learn with Caveman

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Business, Entrepreneur and Successful Living Writer

You have unlimited potential, so why are you not seeing the results, why are you not reaching your goals.

It’s one of two things, or both.

  • You are blaming other people for your problems.
  • You have not pursued your goal with resolve.

You have to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you really want it. Is it your goal or someone else’s? If you really want it, if it’s your goal and you set it. What is stopping you? Most people have a list of problems going through their head after that question. Here are two of the problems that most people talk about.

  1. Not enough time
  2. I don’t know how to… you fill in the blank

You have the same amount of time in the day as the person who is achieving their goal and we live in the year 2016, you can learn anything if you try hard enough. These excuses don’t work, the truth is you don’t really want it, you want to have excuses to talk to your friends about. You want to keep telling your story about how the world is out to get you. It may sound harsh but do a little personal inventory the next time you are with your friends.

If you want to achieve your goal, work for it. Get up early or stay up late. Take a class or find YouTube videos to help you learn what it takes to get there. You have to put in the work.

Reaffirm your goal with resolve.

There is a quote by Benjamin Disraeli that sums up resolve in a powerful way. “Nothing will withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of it’s purpose.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s it. If you pursue your goals with resolve you won’t need to blame other people for things gone wrong. You will be so busy making things happen others won’t phase you. You can take a hit, get up, and keep moving.

The fact is you have unlimited potential, you can achieve your goal! There’s a beast inside waiting to get out. Make up your mind to pursue your goal with resolve and set the beast free.

Do you want to know more about the beast inside? Check it out here on Learn with Caveman.

Article Credits: Levi Walker

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Beauty, Inspiration, Motivation Bloggers & More)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Levi Walker Founder & Owner of: Learn with Caveman Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Business, Entrepreneur and Successful Living Writer You have unlimited potential, so why are you not seeing the results, why are you not reaching your goals.

via Why You Have Not Achieved Your Goal! (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Handbag Essentials- Do You have them All? (1 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Katie Dodshon

Founder & Owner of: Girls Geek

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

Since the summer season is coming to an end, we need to think carefully about what we need to take out with us.

The essential essentials: 

  • Hairbrush– for when that unexpected gust of wind blows your weave totally out of place.
  • Lip balm– Cold wind means chapped lips, always carry this around to pop on when they feel dry.
  • Paracetamol– Or any other pain relief. We never know when that stressed-at-work headache is going to kick in.
  • Feminine hygiene– That time of the month could catch you off guard, always be prepared!

The unexpected weather essentials:

  • Sunglasses– Gorgeous fashion accessory even if the sun doesn’t come out.
  • Umbrella– It goes without saying to always carry one everywhere, who wants to be caught up in a downpour? Not me.

The ‘freshen up’ essentials:

  • Body spray/deodorant– There is nothing worse than feeling a bit sweaty after a long day and not being able to do anything about it! Always have a mini spray in your bag to freshen up whenever you feel like it.
  • Perfume– Although not essential, it’s nice to always be smelling like you did when you first left the house this morning.

The ‘top up’ essentials: 

  • Concealer– Handy little thing to keep close incase a spot appears out of the blue! Also brightens the eyes if you’ve had a really long day.
  • Mascara– Topping up mascara in your lunch break will widen your eyes so you look fresh for the rest of the day.
  • Powder– Just incase your makeup hasn’t stayed as well as you thought!
  • Mini cosmetics bag– To keep all these makeup products together.

Article Credits: Katie Dodshon

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Fashion, Beauty, Life Bloggers & More)

via Handbag Essentials- Do You have them All? (1 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest